We all know how important relaxation can be, but that doesn’t always make it easier to set aside time for it in our busy schedule. It often feels like we’re running a race, and if we don’t always run as fast as we can, we fall behind.

But the truth is that there is no more surefire way to fall behind than to always run your fastest–without rest, you will break down. So how can you convince yourself that relaxation is actually a worthy way to spend your time? Here are three ways that you can make relaxation a priority in your schedule.

Young man reading a book lying on soft mattress in relaxing bed at terrace with green nature view as fresh air blows over him. He's making the most of his relaxation time.

Don’t Think of It as “Downtime”

Downtime can have positive connotations for some people, but for many of us, downtime is another word for “lost time.” Downtime in your network, your fleet, and your phone is associated with lost money. It’s hard to spend all day talking about the need to minimize downtime, then turn around and convince yourself that you need downtime.

Instead, change the terms of your R&R to “rebuild and restructure” because that’s what your body uses this time for. Your muscles, bones, and brain all respond to the daily challenges of life by altering their structure. In addition to repairing minor damage, the body is constantly reworking itself: adding bone in some places, removing it from others, restructuring the muscles to respond to the demands you put on them, and rewiring the connections in your brain. If you focus on this vital work that gets done while you are relaxing, it can make it easier to prioritize rest.

Optimize Relaxation

You take time to optimize everything else in your schedule, right? You’ve reworked your system for dealing with emails, selected your personal fitness regimen, and customized your diet for taste and nutrition. Why shouldn’t you optimize your relaxation time, too?

NuCalm can help you do this. The special relaxed state you enter when you use NuCalm, similar to deep meditation, can help you get the most of what you want out of your relaxation time: better healing, more encoding of memories, and greater energy. And NuCalm will bring you to this state quickly and reliably.

Minimize Intermediate Time

One problem with relaxation is that we often spend it half working. When you’re supposed to be relaxing, the mind naturally wanders to work that you’re not doing, that’s still waiting for you when you are done. We often spend “relaxation” time checking emails or noodling around some problem we’re trying to solve. This makes relaxation time seem less like relaxing, but more like working inefficiently–and who wants that?

This is another benefit of NuCalm: it’s practically relaxation at the push of a button. When you engage the NuCalm system, you enter the NuCalm state almost immediately, and you stay there for the duration. Your mind will randomly wander, but you won’t be tempted to check in at work, scroll your feed, or play that stupid online game that steals your time and makes you feel frustrated, not relaxed. You just relax, drifting in a deep, dreamlike state between wakefulness and true sleep. And when your time is up, you “wake” refreshed and regenerated, ready to re-enter the race faster than before.

Get the Most from Your Relaxation

If you are looking for a way to get the most from your time spent relaxing, NuCalm can help. Check out our testimonials to see people who have learned the benefits of NuCalm.