NuCalm is a natural, neuroscience-based approach to relaxation. Based on an understanding of how the brain goes through its own “shutdown checklist,” NuCalm mimics the pattern so that the brain recognizes what it should do: it’s not a time for stress, it’s a time for relaxation. Combining natural supplements, a mild electric stimulation, special sounds that help regulate your brainwaves, and light-blocking mask that blocks light and stressful sights that could derail your relaxation.

We’ll explain how each of these components works and how they work together in more detail below.

Natural Supplements

The natural supplements used in NuCalm include naturally sourced forms of the brain’s relaxation chemicals. These chemicals activate the same places in the brain that are triggered by chemical relaxants like alcohol and sedatives, but because they’re your brain’s own chemicals, there are no side effects or complications.

One of the relaxation neurotransmitters is known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). Your body produces this relaxation fuel naturally when you’re getting ready to sleep, so your brain recognizes them and knows what they’re for.


Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) Device

If you’ve ever tried to go to sleep when you’re worried, you know that your brain isn’t too receptive to GABA when you’re stressed. The receivers that are supposed to bind with GABA are closed off to make sure you don’t fall asleep when you’re supposed to be alert, but that’s where the CES comes in.

The CES unit uses a mild electric current to open up the GABA receptor sites so you can relax. How gentle is the current produced? Well, if you tried to use it to charge your cell phone it would take about 150,000 hours. But it’s just enough to help your mid-brain open up and receive the relaxation signals.

Neuroacoustic Software

The next challenge in relaxing you is to deal with your racing brainwaves. NuCalm takes care of this using binaural beat – frequency-following response software. This software delivers music through a headphone, but embedded in the music is not one, but two different rhythmic pulses. As your brain tries to sync up the two different frequencies, our brain begins to follow the difference between them. This processing speed for your brain corresponds to what are called Alpha and Theta brain waves, which are associated with the first stage of sleep and deep meditation.

The neuroacoustic software helps ensure that you stay in your restful state for as long as your procedure takes. As long as you’re listening to the music, your brain will stay in this restful state.

Dark Glasses or Eye Mask

Your body is naturally keyed into the light/dark cycle for regulating sleep and other types of relaxation. As daytime creatures, we are programmed to be alert during the daytime, so it’s important for us to block out as much of it as possible. That’s the reason we use the dark glasses or eye mask during  your visit.

Just keeping your eyelids closed won’t block out enough light, plus, there’s always the possibility that you’ll open your eyes and see something that can cause your stress to increase. With darkened glasses, you will turn your mind inward, to your own thoughts and reflections, peacefully enjoying a break from your day.

Need a More Detailed Explanation?

We’ve taken care to explain the effects of NuCalm in a simple way so that everyone can understand. If you want a more detailed description of the way that NuCalm works, please contact a local Nucalm dentist today for a consultation.