Elite athletes use NuCalm as part of their workout routine because it helps them achieve their best. But the truth is that everyone can benefit from using NuCalm as part of their routine. Whether you’re semi-pro, seeking your personal best, or just exercising to get and stay in shape, NuCalm can help. Here’s how.

NuCalm’s Exercise Benefits Are for Everyone

Before a Workout

NuCalm before a workout helps you get ready to do your best workout. Do NuCalm about an hour before your workout to maximize benefits.

NuCalm relaxes your muscles so you don’t bring tension into the workout. We understand that many people are trying to work out their stress, but with NuCalm, that’s unnecessary. Bringing stress into a workout might seem like it’s good for your intensity, but it’s really a distraction. You may be working out hard, but you won’t be working out smart, and that’s when people get hurt.

Besides, the muscle tension you bring in is also a distraction for your muscles. They’re not prepared to give their all to your workout. Instead, they’re wasting energy needlessly. Best to wipe all that away and have your muscles fully ready for the workout.

With your mind and muscles fully focused on the workout, you’ll get more out of the time you spend in the gym, on the track, on the field, or on the links.

After a Workout

It might seem extreme to do NuCalm both before and after a workout, but hear us out on this. The two different sessions provide different benefits, and you really do want to get both.

If you’ve done a hard workout, you know you’re going to feel it over the next couple of days. That’s because you’ve actually injured your body and it needs to heal, and hopefully grow stronger. NuCalm helps your body perform that healing more efficiently so you get less soreness and more healing. This helps you stick to your schedule and not skip a day just because you were too intense yesterday.

Most of us aren’t just trying to get stronger when we work out. We also want to learn the skills that we’re practicing. We want the body to get better at what it’s doing. Whether that’s driving a ball, doing the butterfly stroke, or handling the ball during a complex feint. When you do it right, you want your body to remember how that feels so you can do it again. NuCalm helps with this by setting your brain up to efficiently encode what you’ve just done. That way, your brain and body are prepared to do it again next time.

And, of course, NuCalm will help you get better sleep after your workout, which will help you recover and be ready to do it again tomorrow.

NuCalm Every Day Helps You Live Better

The more you do NuCalm, the more you’ll learn that it helps your body get better at everything it does. Work and play, in action and at rest, both mental and physical, the benefits of NuCalm are dramatic.

To learn how NuCalm can help you live better, please contact a local NuCalm provider today.