One of the most common pieces of advice you will get to improve your life these days sounds simple enough: change the script. They argue that in our lives we follow certain scripts that control and limit our behaviors. All we have to do is rewrite our stories to get out of our ruts and live a better life.

Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as that. Many people who try to change their script, whether by flipping it or using some other rewriting strategy, find that no matter what they do with their script, they keep playing the same role. The problem is that our life is made up of more than words, and even the words in our mind don’t control all our thoughts. To really make a change, we need to reach the wordless regions of the mind. That’s what NuCalm does: it can reach into the biochemical machinery of your mind and rewrite the wordless script that controls your anxiety at the doctor’s office so you can feel better.

How You Can Really Change the Script to Be a Better Patient

Your Story Is More Than Words

When people describe the concept of changing your script, they describe your brain as a great storytelling machine. To them, your brain’s stories create your reality. Your mind creates the story, so, in effect, your mind creates your reality.

We don’t want to completely discredit this notion: there are many ways that the stories our brains tell can influence our reality. But it doesn’t completely create reality, especially when it comes to the function of your autonomic nervous system (commonly called the “involuntary” nervous system).

Thus, when you enter the doctor’s or dentist’s office and your heart begins beating faster, you begin to sweat, and you feel nauseous, it’s because you are afraid. It’s not because you think , “I am afraid.” Your thought, your words, are merely a description. The reality is being generated by your nervous system responding wordlessly to the stimuli of being in the doctor’s or dentist’s office.

As a result, it may not matter how many times you say, “I will not be afraid.” You will likely be afraid anyway, because those words don’t touch the true cause of your fear, which is triggered without language.

NuCalm Changes What You Can’t

So how can you change a script that is conditioned into you with very little in the way of language? You need a way to influence the nonverbal parts of the brain. Some people can do this through deep meditation, but it can take years to learn, and some of us can never master it.

NuCalm, though, uses neuroscience to consistently and reliably access the nonverbal parts of the brain to control the anxiety response before it even becomes a linguistic thought.

When you’re on NuCalm, you’re in a deep state similar to falling asleep or meditating deeply. Not only is your body in a state of parasympathetic dominance, your consciousness drifts through a vast, wordless expanse. You aren’t asleep, and you can make conscious thoughts, but you may find that it’s hard to concentrate on words or specific ideas. You spend time simply being, and the time drifts by quickly.

You don’t have to say, “I am not afraid.” It will simply be true.

Enjoy a Different Experience

If you are tired of playing the role of the fearful patient, and word games aren’t enough to rewrite your script, it may be time to try NuCalm. NuCalm works for about 95% of people, so it’s likely to work for you.

To learn how NuCalm can help you rewrite your script, please contact a local NuCalm provider today.