Coming soon: Ignite by NuCalm.
Because reducing stress is just the first step to peak performance.

Being in a relaxed, receptive frame of mind is a necessary but not sufficient condition for achieving and maintaining the highest levels of peak performance. You need to be properly primed for it.

That’s why Ignite is being developed expressly for pro athletes and elite military personnel – to lend them not just mental focus, but physical intensity.



Don’t just focus your competitive fire, stoke it.

Ignite will utilize NuCalm’s patented, clinically-proven technology, but with a wholly different goal in mind than our flagship system. Its neuro-acoustic soundtracks will be engineered to motivate and inspire, not calm and focus.

When easing stress is not the end objective, it’s time to Ignite.

Ignite is being designed primarily for use before or during an athletic competition or military drill for greater drive. Or during or after a training session or maneuver to reinforce the skills being practiced.

Either way, Ignite will empower elite performers in uniform to realize their ultimate potential, whether on the field of play or combat.

Fire your mind. Temper your reflexes. Forge your legacy – with Ignite by NuCalm.

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Ignite is currently in development and available in Beta to those who purchase NuCalm. Contact us to learn more.

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