NuCalm 2.0 is here! You may have thought that NuCalm couldn’t get any better. After all, it’s the only technology patented to balance and maintain the health of the human Autonomic Nervous System. That’s your involuntary nervous system. In other words, NuCalm gives us control over your involuntary nervous system for the first time. It means that you don’t have to feel stressed. And that’s why we say “Stress is a choice.”

But NuCalm 2.0 is even better! How? Although NuCalm has four components, NuCalm 2.0 has primarily upgraded the neuroacoustic software component. But it’s upgraded it in three ways. The science is better. The art is better. And the technology is better. And as a result, the entire experience is better.

Better Neuroscience

In the years spent developing NuCalm 2.0, the system’s creator, Dr. Blake Holloway, did a complete teardown and rebuild of the neuroacoustic software. Although the binaural beat, frequency following response remains the backbone of the software, it isn’t the only element. Instead, Dr. Holloway created a new soundtrack that engaged the brain more thoroughly and more deeply.

NuCalm 2.0

The new software addresses more regions of the brain, leveraging the auditory motor context not just as a sound collection gateway, but also as a way to reach the prefrontal and frontal motor cortex. The goal was to improve the “tune” of four key areas of the brain. The reticular activating system connects elements of the brain stem and the cortex to perform a key role in our sleep-wake system. The corpus callosum is the part of the brain that facilitates communication between the hemispheres, so it plays an important role in unifying the brain and may play a role in our appreciation of and facility for music. The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) is a series of glands that is key to both our sleep-wake cycle and our stress responses. The autonomic nervous system is a much larger piece of the picture, and the original focus of NuCalm, so we wanted to improve our ability to control this major component.

The result is a neuroacoustic software that acts faster, leads to deeper rest and recovery, and helps harmonize the body and mind.

Better Art

Another part of the rebuild for NuCalm 2.0 is the collaboration with 40-year veteran music producer Dan Selene. The goal is to create a balanced soundtrack of music that interfaces with the newly complicated neuroacoustic software, and, like the software, isn’t boring.

To accomplish this goal, Selene brought together a multidisciplinary team of composers, musicians, audio engineers, licensing specialists, and lawyers (in truth, nothing great gets done without lawyers!–trust us on this one 😉 ).It’s a complex process to match the soundtrack to the time signatures of the pitch and frequency matrix of the software, and time consuming, too.

The first track released for NuCalm 2.0 is NuCalm Relax. It’s digitally mastered at 320 kbps and includes a mixture of music and sounds from a vortex in Arizona and the ocean in Big Sur.

But the changes in the art of the music aren’t just in the sound you hear, but in the way it’s delivered to you. A purchase of NuCalm 2.0 includes a subscription to their service, so as new NuCalm soundtracks become available, recipients will receive them automatically.

Better Technology

To deliver the perfect audio experience necessary to enjoy all the benefits of the updated neuroacoustic software, the audio equipment needed updating. This included the new software library and tablet to run the software. But most importantly, there was an update to the headset.

The new headset has Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It uses noise-cancelling technology that can be adjusted to allow the introduction of just the right amount of outside noise. The ear cushions allow for an amazing fit over your ears. The headphones can be used for up to 15 hours on a single charge.

The headphones also include TruNote auto sound calibration, which allows you to get the precise sound that’s best for you. TruNote allows the headphones to automatically adjust to eliminate audio artifacts created by the interaction of vibrations with the headphone-ear environment. That way you hear the neuroacoustic software exactly as it was meant to be heard so you can get the maximum effect.

Are You Ready to Upgrade?

Dentists who have had good experience with the original NuCalm system can now provide their patients with an even better experience, one that will continue to improve as more 2.0 tracks become available.

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