Solace Lifesciences has partnered with Pro Impressions Marketing Group in Loveland, Colorado to create a geolocator map to let people find a NuCalm provider anywhere in the world. You can click here to read the full press release. Pro Impressions is an experienced and knowledgeable marketing group that focuses exclusively on helping dental practices get ranked and noticed online.

The interactive map is available by clicking on the “Find a NuCalm Provider” link on the website Regular keyword-targeted blog posts from Pro Impressions are designed to attract potential patients that are looking for a way to relax in the dental chair without using sedation – so they can leave the appointment feeling refreshed and rejuvenated rather than tired and worn out.

For practices that are interested in attracting new patients by targeted ads to their geographic area, premium listings are available. You can find an explanation of the listing types here. For those interested in exploring the advantages of having a preferred listing, you can learn more here.

The map highlights preferred providers and the premium listing service is included as part of the Certified NuCalm Provider program which combines the marketing expertise of Pro Impressions with customized media plans from the NuCalm team that highlight the differentiating power that NuCalm provides.

In the past eight years, NuCalm has been used successfully on many fronts and on four continents. NuCalm has helped 850,000+ dental patients and relieved stress for hundreds of cancer patients. It has proven beneficial in helping pro athletes in pre-game prep and post-game mental and physical recovery and helps pilots, business executives and others in high-stress jobs to relax and decompress.