Woman relaxing on dentist chair

Many people are looking for natural alternatives to traditional dental approaches. The use of biomimetic materials and holistic dentistry techniques is flourishing in dental practices around the country. However, one area where natural dentists haven’t really been able to offer an alternative approach is with sedation dentistry. Instead, even many holistic dentists have continued to rely on drugging patients.  They realize that it is essential to help patients overcome dental anxiety, and there’s been no real alternative.

Until now. NuCalm can be the alternative that dentists can turn to when they want to offer patients a more natural approach to overcoming dental anxiety.

Utilizing the Body’s Natural Relaxation Mechanisms

One of the things that really sets NuCalm apart is the neuroscience that serves as the foundation for this approach to relaxation. NuCalm is built first and foremost on a careful understanding of the body’s relaxation mechanisms. Then we utilize those mechanisms to encourage the body to relax even in stressful situations.

First, we understand that the body uses the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) to calm down brain activity. So we use GABA to help prepare your brain for relaxation with NuCalm. We even source the GABA from natural ingredients.

We also know that your brainwave activity is a strong indicator of your stress level. When your brain waves are in a stressed region (known as gamma waves), it means that your brain is in a high alert state, trying to process stimuli as fast as possible to avoid danger. We also know that brain waves are influenced by external frequencies. That’s why some music can make you feel so relaxed, while other music makes you feel excited and energized. We utilize this natural instinct, known as a following response, in a much more complicated fashion to calm your brainwaves down to the alpha or theta region, where you can be completely relaxed.

And, of course, nothing is more natural than covering your eyes with a mask to help you relax. After all, when you’re relaxing to sleep, you close your eyes to shut out the light and other stimuli.

What about CES?

If you’re very familiar with the NuCalm process, you’ve probably noticed that we left out one of the elements: CES, cranial electrotherapy stimulation. That’s because, in all honesty, it’s hard to say that stimulating the brain with an external electric current is strictly “natural.”

But if it’s not natural, it is definitely benign. CES uses very gentle electric currents, about 0.1 milliAmpere, about a 100th of what is delivered by a typical 9 volt battery. If you tried to use the CES current to charge your cell phone, it would take 150,000 hours! This very, very gentle current is just enough to help your brain become relaxed.

Even with CES, NuCalm is the most natural approach to relaxation dentistry available. And, if you are a purist and want a truly natural experience, you don’t have to use the CES. NuCalm still works.

Are You Looking for Natural Relaxation Dentistry?

If you are looking for a more natural approach to relaxation dentistry, please contact a local NuCalm dentist for more details. The odds are good that they will also offer other natural and holistic dental techniques, too.