One of the benefits of NuCalm is that it is an extremely safe way to relax for your dental appointments. With over 400,000 procedures performed and not a single adverse event reported, NuCalm has an outstanding safety record, and one that we can expect to continue because everything in it is safe.

Contraindications for the Use of NuCalm

Use of the tablets or cream is contraindicated for pregnant or nursing women.

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is contraindicated for use by individuals with medically implanted devices such as pacemakers, ventricular assist devices, or other medical implants that might be affected by electrical signalling.

Using the eye mask is not recommended for people who would be more comfortable being able to see or who suffer from claustrophobia.

Are the NuCalm Side Effects Safe?

NuCalm is rapidly growing in popularity because, unlike medications used for sedation, it has no negative side effects.

Positive Side Effects of NuCalm

Many users of NuCalm feel especially rested and clear after using it in their dentist’s office. They feel they can focus and that they have more energy than when they went in. Far from being a stressful experience as it is for most people without NuCalm, a dentist visit becomes a welcome and refreshing experience.

Many people experience improved sleep after NuCalm, with shorter time falling asleep, less time awake in bed, more time in deep sleep, and feeling more rested in the morning.

Users of NuCalm are likely to find their mood improved after treatment, and improvement can last for days.

Potential Negative Side Effects of NuCalm

There has never been an adverse event associated with NuCalm, but it’s important for people to talk to their doctors before trying NuCalm. Please contact a local NuCalm dentist today to learn more.