Live Better

Finding balance need not be a lifelong quest.
A daily session will suffice.

Win the day. Every day.

NuCalm enables you to gain and maintain poise in the midst of daily stress and conflict, think clearly and act deliberately, and make better decisions – in as little as 20 minutes a day.

And because NuCalm improves overall wellness, it allows you to better care for yourself. So you may better care for those you love.

Reboot your brain, reclaim your day with NuCalm – your daily antidote to the daily grind. And become present to your full potential.



You can’t be the best version of you when you’re overwhelmed. NuCalm helps you rise above.

Stress and anxiety sap your energy and joy. They make you fearful of the future and regretful of the past. NuCalm defuses stress and shuts down anxiety. It helps you get clarity and context so you can let go of yesterday’s mistakes. It also improves your learning ability, so you don’t make the same mistake tomorrow. You may never be perfect, but you’ll be a little better every day, and you’ll be able to enjoy it.

Healing isn’t just for when you’re sick or hurt. It helps you avoid sickness and injury.

Every day, your body is exposed to influences that can make you sick or hurt. You inhale bacteria and viruses. Your food contains oxidants and inflammatory compounds. Your body is bombarded with solar and background radiation. To undo this damage and stay healthy, your body’s healing processes have to outpace the injury process. Your immune system has to be unencumbered and responsive. NuCalm promotes daily healing so your body can resist disease, stress, and damage.

Sleep is your body’s natural restorative mechanism. NuCalm helps you get deeper, healthier sleep naturally.

Sleep is vital to many of your body’s systems. Sleep is when our brain processes and encodes memory. It’s also when the body regulates your metabolism, determining the rate at which you burn or store energy. And, of course, it’s when you get your vital rest so you have the energy you need for your daily demands. NuCalm helps reset your body’s sleep system so you’ll fall asleep more easily, stay asleep, and get better rest.