Lorena M Surber, DDS

Lorena M Surber, DDS

1218 Virginia Street East
Charleston, West Virginia 25301


Lorena M Surber, DDS

NuCalm Dentist Charleston, WV

Nucalm dentist Dr. Lorena M. Surber serves patients from Charleston, WV and surrounding areas. She is dedicated to providing her patients with the best quality care and the most comfortable, welcoming, relaxing experience possible. That’s why she believes that NuCalm is an ideal addition to her practice. It gives her patients a drug-free option for being more relaxed during a dental procedure, even if they have dental anxiety.

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Lorena M Surber, DDS

Dr. Surber didn’t begin her dental career as a dentist. Initially, she was inspired by her aunt, who was a dental hygienist. She initially began her career as a hygienist after graduating summa cum laude from West Virginia University in 1972.

She worked as a hygienist for 14 years before deciding to go back to school to become a dentist. She loved caring for her patients, but wanted to be able to provide them with more and better care. In 1990 she graduated summa cum laude from the West Virginia University School of Dentistry, and completed a residency at Charleston Area Medical Center.

As a dentist, she feels she has truly found her place, and derives great satisfaction from the joy on her patients’ faces when they complete cosmetic dentistry or other treatments.

As important as dental restorations and other outwardly visible treatments are, Dr. Surber believes that beautiful smiles begin on the inside. She begins all dental treatments by carefully listening to patients’ fears, goals, and expectations.

NuCalm is an optimal addition to her practice because it helps her address patients’ fears and give them a better dental experience. And that truly gives them something to smile about.

NuCalm Is Perfect for Soft-Touch Dentistry

Dr. Surber is dedicated to soft-touch dentistry. This means removing all anxiety from the dental experience. The experience begins with creating a soothing atmosphere in her office. Staff is friendly, welcoming, and happy to answer any questions. Dr. Surber herself takes time to carefully listen to patients’ concerns and calm any fears they may have.

However, she also understands that this isn’t always enough for people to overcome dental anxiety.

She offers nitrous oxide to help people feel more calm during dental procedures, but for many people, NuCalm is a better approach. NuCalm uses neuroscience to completely disarm the body’s anxiety response, helping people feel more comfortable and relaxed during their dental visits. This is done naturally and without drugs, allowing people to not just avoid anxiety, but to achieve a truly restful state.

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The Need for NuCalm in Charleston, WV

Preventive dental care is vital for everyone. Preventive dental visits help detect oral health problems when they are minor and can be addressed by noninvasive or minimally invasive treatments. It also helps provide a solid foundation for overall health.

Unfortunately, only about 62% of people in Charleston, WV have seen their dentist in the last year, and much fewer see their dentist every six months as recommended. Why do so few people see their dentist regularly?

Dental anxiety is a major contributor. It’s one of the top reasons why people avoid seeing their dentist. Dental anxiety is the fourth most commonly reported fear, after fear of snakes, heights, and injury. But the more serious form–dental phobia–is even more common. It’s the most common phobia reported, even more common than arachnophobia.

The good news is that NuCalm can help people in Charleston, WV overcome their dental anxiety to get needed dental care, potentially even get the cosmetic dentistry they desire.

If you want to learn how NuCalm can help you, please contact Charleston, WV dentist Dr. Lorena Surber today.