We’d like to take a moment to highlight one important fact: NuCalm can make a real difference in people’s lives. It can be applied in many different situations to control stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and improve health.

And one of the situations where these benefits can make the biggest difference is for people undergoing cancer treatment, like Barbara Valentine. When she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic triple-positive breast cancer, she found that NuCalm helped her face the challenge and overcome it.

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Hard Work Opens Doors

Barbara is someone who has never shied away from hard work. Her mother taught her the value of working hard. After Barbara’s father died, her mother ran two businesses: her own beauty salon and the family contracting business, all while raising two children.

Watching her mother, Barbara formed an idea about how to achieve success: “I believe if you study and work hard, treat people like you would like to be treated, have a good work ethic, doors will open for you.”

And she’s proven this to be true. With her hard work, she has fought her way through the barriers that Hollywood places in the path of women who want to be successful producers, directors, writers, and actors. Thanks to her hard work, she has gained success in many roles: producer, executive, reporter, and on-camera host. With 30 years in the business, she has been nominated for five Emmys and secured two Emmy wins. She has been the executive produce for hundreds of film, television, and digital media projects. And she’s been welcomed by her peers into the industry’s elite organizations, including the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Executive Peer Group.

A Deadly Diagnosis Is Another Challenge

But no matter your hard work or your level of success, life can still surprise you. As Barbara was getting ready to produce the 50 Plus Report, an ambitious multimedia project, she was diagnosed with cancer.

At first, it hit her hard. All she could do was sit in her car and worry not just for herself but for all the people who were depending on her, and her new project.

But she realized that all she could do was work. She turned her trust over to God for the things she couldn’t control and focused on the things she could.

NuCalm Helped Her Maintain a Good Attitude

But it’s one thing to decide to work through your problem, and it’s another thing to live with the daily reality of it. The daily reality proved very difficult to deal with. She experienced uncertainty, fear, and anxiety attacks. At first, she sought relief through anti-anxiety drugs, but then she found a better solution.

She first tried NuCalm at a friend’s recommendation. She didn’t believe it could do all that it promised. It seemed too good to be true. But when she tried it, she realized that NuCalm offered all the benefits she needed. Most importantly, it helped her deal with the anxiety of treatment. She described it as a “spiritual experience” that resulted in a serenely peaceful feeling.

But NuCalm did more than that: it helped her deal with some of the effects of chemotherapy, including nausea. And it also helped her in her professional life: using NuCalm helped her overcome writer’s block whenever she faced a tight deadline.

To learn more about how Barbara overcame her struggles, read her full story here.

For All Life’s Stresses: Great and Small

NuCalm is a drug-free way to approach all of life’s stresses. Whether you’ve received a major medical diagnosis like cancer, are combating work stress, or just trying to navigate family pressures, NuCalm can help you take it all in stride. You can get better rest, feel better, and have a better attitude on a daily basis. Because there are no drugs and no side effects, you can use NuCalm every day without worrying about addiction or resulting health problems.

Let NuCalm help you live stress-free today, and every day.