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Dr. Marianna Kaufman

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Wellington, Florida NuCalm dentist Dr. Marianna Kaufman is dedicated to offering her patients the highest quality, pain-free dentistry. She wants to avoid pain of all kinds for her patients, including both physical and emotional discomfort. She knows that the two are inseparable, since much physical discomfort stems from emotional anxiety. So when she learned that NuCalm was a drug-free relaxation technique, she knew it was ideal for the comfort of her patients.

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Dr. Marianna Kaufman

Meet NuCalm Dentist Dr. Kaufman

Dr. Kaufman is a Florida native. She graduated from Boca Raton Community High School in the top ten percent of her class. As an undergraduate, she attended the University of Miami, then studied dentistry at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. During her studies, she served as an officer in the American Student Dental Association and participated in many community service projects. She continues to serve in outreach programs that reach underserved populations with education and free dental care.

She founded Kaufman Dental Associates on the ideal of delivering simply better care. One of the ways that she delivers better care is by learning about some of the best technologies in dentistry, which includes becoming a certified NuCalm provider. NuCalm not only helps anxious patients. It helps ensure any patient can have a comfortable, relaxing, rejuvenating experience at the dentist.

The Need for NuCalm in Wellington

Wellington is an area that should have optimal oral health. It is a health-conscious community famous for active lifestyle pastimes like equestrian sports. However, people in the area are not doing everything they can for their oral health. Only about 64% of people in the area have seen a dentist or hygienist in the last year according to the CDC, which is below average for the country, and far below the goal of having everyone see their dentist twice a year.

One of the reasons why many people don’t see their dentist as often as they should is that they have dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is one of the most common sources of fear, and dental phobia is the most common phobia–even more common than arachnophobia.

NuCalm can help anxious patients get the dental care they need. And it helps people in Wellington overcome their anxiety without drugs. This helps us maintain the healthy, family-oriented vision that Wellington was built on and aspires to maintain in the future.

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NuCalm Helps Deliver Simply Better Dentistry

At Kaufman Dental Associates in Wellington, our goal is simply better dentistry. NuCalm’s easy, noninvasive, effective technology helps us deliver not only better results, but a better experience to our patients.

NuCalm is simple. It’s just four easy components that can be set up in a few minutes. Within five minutes, people can begin to experience relaxation. It’s about 95% effective, so almost everyone who uses it will enjoy the powerful relaxation it can provide.

The benefits of NuCalm for Dr. Kaufman’s patients are clear. By overcoming anxiety, people can get the dental care they need. And with less anxiety, they will experience less discomfort. People who find it difficult to get numb will find it easier without anxiety, and focusing on the procedure can make people more aware of discomfort. Plus, tensing the jaw, neck, hands, and body can lead to soreness. But with NuCalm, people will find themselves in a calm, rejuvenating meditative state. Instead of leaving the office sore, they will leave at peace and often energized with more creative ideas.

For more information about NuCalm in Wellington, please contact cosmetic dentist Dr. Kaufman today.

Trauma, Tragedy, and Triumph Blake’s Heroic Journey

Blake had a hard childhood, abandoned by his mother and with a father who worked hard to support his children. But blake managed to make it through and get his G.E.D. before enlisting in the Army. While on duty in Afghanistan, his vehicle was struck by an RPG, which wounded him so severely he had to be put in an induced coma to recover. Although he survived, he lost his vision and much of his jaw.

Blake had had problems with drugs since he was 13, and during recovery he became addicted again. With the help of his wife Lauren, he overcame his drug addiction by going cold turkey. Now he devotes himself to competitive weightlifting. At a recent competition, he was able to squat press 363 pounds and bench press 297 pounds.

Blake faces dental health problems, partly because of the injuries to his jaw, which cost him part of the jawbone and eight of his teeth. But he has also struggled with dental anxiety throughout his life. Until he discovered Dr. Marianna Kaufman. She earned his trust and introduced him to the NuCalm system, which helped him overcome his anxiety.

Dr. Kaufman realized Blake could benefit from NuCalm more than just when he was in her office. She contacted David Poole, an Executive Vice President at Solace Lifesciences, and they donated a NuCalm set to Blake. He now uses the set at home to help combat his pain and anxiety, which will help him maintain his sobriety, which is a constant battle.

With the help of NuCalm and his personal determination, Blake strives to lead his fellow veterans by his example of not letting his blindness win.

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