Energy Medicine & Outstanding Health

Have you ever said to yourself “I don’t feel well – what can I do?”? Well, then you’re not alone. Dr. Michael Galitzer sits down to talk about the deeper reasons for this question and how energy medicine can help re-establish balance in our bodies. 

Dr. Michael Galitzer discusses his discovery of energy medicine, how he has built a practice around it, and how everyone can use it to optimize health. He speaks about how we can re-establish homeostasis by draining toxins from our body, how we can balance adrenal and hormonal levels, and why both are incredibly important. Finally, Dr. Galitzer touches on the power of energy medicine, deep breathing, exercise, supplements, as well as his product recommendations.


Show Notes

Steps to reestablish homeostasis. Drainage (get rid of toxicity), explains where to start and the different tools/treatments/home remedies for each. Establishing balance of hormonal levels and adrenals with deep breathing, exercise, supplements.

Weakness in the parasympathetic nervous system and what you can do. The autonomic nervous system – h