Michael Nussbaum, DDS

Michael Nussbaum, DDS

3660 Stoneridge Road B-101
Austin, Texas 78746


Michael Nussbaum, DDS

NuCalm Dentist Austin

NuCalm dentist Michael B. Nussbaum is committed to exceptional, personal care for every patient. He combines technical excellence, advanced technology, and personal attention to ensure every patient gets optimal care and an enriching experience from their visits to his Austin, TX practice. NuCalm fits this approach well because it utilizes advanced neuroscience to help ensure every patient has a rejuvenating experience at the dentist, even if they have dental anxiety.

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Michael Nussbaum, DDS

Nucalm dentist Dr. Nussbaum has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry in Austin for over 20 years. He is a graduate of the University of Texas system, having received his undergraduate degree from UT Austin and his DDS from the UT Houston Dental Branch.

Dr. Nussbaum is dedicated to delivering quality care for each individual patient. He wants to find out what exactly every patient wants from their dental office, and then designs care to meet those goals.

NuCalm Helps Optimize Quality Care

NuCalm fits perfectly with the philosophy of Dr. Nussbaum. Dr. Nussbaum’s philosophy is that “quality is everything,” and that patients deserve an individualized dental experience tailored to their personal dental goals. Dr. Nussbaum also takes advantage of this opportunity to calm any personal fears patients may have.

NuCalm helps Dr. Nussbaum deliver a quality experience in his dental practice. When patients experience NuCalm, they are able to leave anxiety behind and have a restful, rejuvenating dental experience. This isn’t just a treatment for people who feel they have dental anxiety. It’s not a drug that deadens a person so they can’t feel anything. It’s a relaxation technique that helps you feel calm and restful during your visit.

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The Need for NuCalm in Austin, TX

According to the CDC, only about 65% of Austinites see their dentist even once a year, and much fewer sees their dentist the recommended twice a year. This is below the national average, so it means we can definitely use some help getting the preventive and reconstructive dental care we need, as well as the cosmetic dentistry we might want to achieve the smile of our dreams.

There are many reasons why Austinites don’t visit the dentist as often as they should. One is dental fear, which is very common. Dental anxiety is one of the most common anxieties, and dental phobia is the most common phobia, even more common than arachnophobia.

People who have dental phobia can definitely benefit from NuCalm, which helps them feel more calm during their appointment, and without drugs.

Even if someone doesn’t have a true dental anxiety, dental visits can be unpleasant, so people find excuses not to go. With NuCalm, the dental experience is much more enjoyable, and people actually look forward to their dental visits. They leave their dental visit feeling energized and happy. This makes it easier for people to get in the habit of making their regular dental visits.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of NuCalm in Austin, TX, please contact Dr. Michael Nussbaum.