Michael Reece, DDS

Ryan Jouett, DDS

Reece & Jouett Dental Group

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Michael Reece, DDS

Ryan Jouett, DDS

NuCalm dentists Dr. Michael Reece and Dr. Ryan Jouett are dedicated to ensuring their patients get the best possible dental experience at the Reece & Jouette Dental Group. Dr. Reece founded the practice to try to give his patients the ability to realize their dreams. But he realized that few people dream of being in the dental office. He has worked hard to create a joyful, rewarding environment for his patients and staff, but knows this is not enough for all patients, so he offers sedation dentistry and drug-free relaxation dentistry as a NuCalm dentist.

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Michael Reece, DDS

Dr. Reece not only has decades of experience as a dentist, he is one of the most highly trained and honored dentists at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry (LVI). Not only did he complete all the courses necessary to become an LVI Fellow, he was recognized as an LVI Master in 2012–one of only 25 dentists in the world (and only two in Texas) to earn the honor. He has also been named the Chief Clinical instructor at LVI, and was honored by his peers as the Best Clinical Instructor in 2017. He has been recognized numerous times as the best dentist in Bryan-College Station as well as a Texas Super Dentist. Being a NuCalm dentist allows him to give his patients the benefit of another excellent approach to being relaxed at the dentist.

Ryan Jouett, DDS

Dr. Jouette is a Texas native who earned his DDS from the University of Texas Health Science Center. He is dedicated to expanding his skills as a dentist and has worked with his fellow dentists to found a study group that helps all the dentists work toward gaining new skills to better serve their patients. NuCalm is an ideal addition to his skills because it helps him provide his patients with more comfortable dentistry.

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Need for NuCalm in Bryan-College Station

Dental care is vital for people to have good overall health. Without regular dental care, oral health suffers, and, as a result, overall health can suffer. Poor oral health is associated with heart problems, stroke risk, cancer risk, dementia risk, and more. Unfortunately, Texas ranks far below the national average for people making regular dental visits, with less than 60% of Texans visiting their dentist even once a year.

There are many reasons why people don’t visit the dentist, but dental anxiety is among the top. When people feel so anxious about dental care that they skip regular dental visits, they need options. Sedation dentistry can work, but many people don’t like the thought of having to be drugged to visit the dentist. That’s how a Nucalm dentist can help. By giving people a drug-free option to overcome their anxiety and get the dental care they need, NuCalm dentists foster better overall health.

NuCalm dentists also offer an alternative for people who either can’t get sedation dentistry or worry about the risks. These people can benefit from the outstanding safety record of NuCalm, which has never caused an adverse reaction.

If you are looking for a NuCalm dentist in Bryan-College Station, please contact Reece & Jouette Dental Group.