It’s a common misconception: if you can get two things done at once, you’re more productive than if you focus on just one thing at a time. But the truth is that multitasking not only makes you less productive: it can impair your ability to be productive in the future.

Multitasking Sucks! Focus Is Best | Perform Better

Multitasking Is Bad for Productivity

You might think you’re good at multitasking, but the odds are that you’re probably not. Only a tiny fraction of people are actually good at multitasking, because our brains are actually designed to do only one thing at a time.

First, most of us who think we’re multitasking are actually just performing a number of single tasks in succession. You might think that’s putting too fine a point on it, but the truth is that it’s important to remember that multitasking requires you to switch tasks, which means refocusing your brain and regathering information. And, it turns out, multitasking actually makes us very bad at this. People who liked to focus more on single tasks were better able to switch efficiently from one task to another. Those who liked to multitask were more prone to getting derailed by distractions both in their environment and in their own mind.

Focus also helps us to perform better at tasks. Multitasking can actually lower your IQ as you are switching between tasks. How big is the impact? About as large as skipping a night’s sleep or smoking a joint before work. Although there are some places where it’d be okay to burn a blunt before you clock in, most bosses would prefer that you didn’t.

Perhaps worst of all, multitasking may actually change our brain structure for the worse. Studies have found that people who were heavy multitaskers had changes in brain structure. These changes could be linked to deficiencies in cognitive control tasks and socio-emotional problems. (This is your brain on multitasking?)

Better Focus for Better Productivity

But, you might be asking, how can I get everything done without multitasking? The answer is focus. Instead of constantly switching from one small task to another, which is actually a form of addictive behavior that makes you feel like you’re getting a lot done when you’re not, learn to focus on what really needs to get done now. Prioritizing tasks and getting them done one after another will help you get more done during your day, which will make you much more productive.

It seems simple, but you also know from your experience that focus is hard. You can only do one thing at a time, but everyone wants it to be their one thing. You need to be able to master your will and get yourself focused on your priority.

That’s where NuCalm can help. When you use NuCalm, your brain and body enter parasympathetic nervous system dominance: the body’s natural state for maximum healing and preparation. During this state, your brain experiences increased blood flow to the prefrontal cortex and frontal cortex, setting you up to achieve maximum focus and productivity.

Adding NuCalm to Your Daily Routine

If you’re busy and find that it seems like there’s not enough time to do all the things you want in a day, then adding NuCalm might not seem like a smart choice. But the truth is that it’s well worth the time.

With improved focus, you’re going to get a lot more done in your routine. Cast off the fake productivity of multitasking, master supreme focus, and Perform Better.

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