NuCalm is a powerful tool to help people overcome health problems. For example, it can help people with dental anxiety overcome their anxiety so they can get the dental care they need to stay healthy. In addition, it can help people with cancer overcome their cancer-related anxiety so they can get better rest, including a full night’s sleep to improve healing. 

Thus, while NuCalm can’t actually treat any of these illnesses, it can help people overcome illness-associated anxiety to improve their health. So what about people for whom the anxiety is the illness? NuCalm can be an excellent adjuvant therapy for people with hypochondria, now known as illness anxiety disorder, especially for people who have this condition at a subclinical level. 

A doctor speaking to a patient about care. The patient suffers from Hypochondria but with NuCalm some of the anxiety can be dealt with.

Help with Hypochondria

Hypochondria can be very hard to deal with. It’s easy for you to believe that you have one or more serious health conditions that your doctor simply isn’t willing or able to diagnose. It’s also very hard for you to accept that your anxiety is partially or even primarily responsible for your symptoms. 

The Internet makes this condition even harder to deal with. It’s so easy to go online and find a list of symptoms that closely matches your own, especially with a little rationalization. Then, no matter how rare that condition might be, it’s easy to imagine that you have it. Plus, stories abound of doctors failing to diagnose deadly conditions until it’s too late. As rare as these cases might be, it’s also easy to imagine that they apply to you. 

Hopefully you have a doctor who is understanding and patient and can provide comfort by helping you sort through these different symptoms and risks. In addition, your doctor might refer you to a therapist who can help you address your anxiety head-on. However, sometimes you might need a little help controlling your anxiety, and perhaps you haven’t been prescribed medications or don’t want medications. In that case, you might talk to your doctor and/or therapist about using NuCalm to control your anxiety. 

Subclinical Anxiety

On the other hand, you might have health-related anxiety that hasn’t been diagnosed as illness anxiety disorder. This might be because your doctor and/or therapist feel your condition doesn’t meet the clinical definition of the condition. Or it might be because you’re too anxious to see a doctor. Disease fear is a common feature in this type of anxiety, and sometimes it can keep you from seeing a doctor because you’re afraid of what they might find. 

If you’re dealing with this type of anxiety, NuCalm can help. NuCalm is a great way for you to calm your mind. You can turn off your body’s stress mechanisms so that you can look at your health more objectively and with less stress. Or, even better, you can stop thinking about your health so that you can focus on and enjoy other aspects of your life.

With a calmer attitude, you can be in a better position to talk to your doctor and/or therapist about what’s really going on with your body so you can find a better solution. 

Stop Worrying about Your Health

NuCalm isn’t a treatment for a condition, but it can help you deal with health-related anxiety. This can help you be in better health by curtailing the negative effects of stress, helping you sleep, and putting you in a better position to find the true cause of your symptoms.