One of the most difficult (and, some might say, misguided) fitness goals is getting ready for a marathon. The race is grueling on the body and mind. Getting yourself ready for it can be equally grueling, if not more so. To train for and race a marathon without hurting yourself takes a careful approach, and NuCalm can be a critical asset to achieve and maintain optimum performance.

How NuCalm Can Help Marathoners Train

NuCalm Helps You Maximize Your Training Windows

Training for a marathon requires 18-22 weeks of gradually increasing running and cross training (CT). For many people, this schedule might seem easy on paper, but when it comes time for the rubber to hit the road, it’s harder on the body than anticipated. In particular, the long runs may ramp up such that they make it hard to get back on the road and run again, even with a rest day.

NuCalm helps people recover better so that they can run more with less rest. NuCalm helps you get deeper rest so that your body and mind recover more quickly from the stresses of training. This makes you more ready to train every day in response to a schedule of ever-increasing difficulty.

One NuCalm user who was initially a skeptic, Dr. David Walters, found that using NuCalm meant he could safely and productively train for two weeks without needing a rest day.

NuCalm Helps Your Mental Strength

One of the challenging and appealing things about a marathon is that it’s almost as much a mental as a physical feat. To be able to run a marathon requires tremendous mental focus and will. This is true for the race itself, but it’s also true for every single training day. You need to be able to focus your mind to make yourself run those 20 miles today–at pace–when no-one is watching or timing you.

NuCalm helps achieve and maintain mental focus. It brings the body into parasympathetic nervous system dominance that lets you breathe deeper and achieve better oxygen flow to the prefrontal and frontal cortex, which helps you achieve and maintain better mental focus during your runs.

Better Balance

When marathoners train, they can also get too single-minded and lose the balance in their lives. With all the time and energy you’re putting into running, there might be less left for work and family, and this can make your training very disruptive to your life as a whole.

But with NuCalm, you can increase your overall energy supply, so that there’s more of it to go around. NuCalm can help you achieve and maintain a better work-life balance, and it can also help with your running-life balance, too. Your family and your boss will be happy that you have more energy to give, so that nothing suffers even as you work to achieve your marathon goal.

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Full Potential?

If you are considering training for a marathon or other grueling physical or mental challenge, you will need to be the best person that you can be to perform better. NuCalm can help you achieve that height.

To get the help of NuCalm in achieving your best, contact a local NuCalm provider or order your own system today.