Golf is supposed to be a relaxing game. However, the truth is that many people experience high levels of stress before, during, and after playing golf. Ironically, this can be worse for recreational golf players. 

Fortunately, there are ways to control your stress on the golf course, including NuCalm, which can help you achieve your full potential.

A closeup of a golf ball on green grass

Causes of Stress on the Golf Course

How do people get so stressed about a game that is supposed to be relaxing? There are many potential causes of golf course stress. 

First, of course, there’s the stress that you bring with you from off the course. If you’re playing golf partly to relieve stress, you might have so many preoccupations that you can’t just turn them off on your own. Instead, they hover over you, filling your mind with thoughts about all the things you should be doing that you would still need to do after your game is over. 

Another reason why golf is so stressful is that many of us are not as good as we would like to be. When golf is recreational, you aren’t on the course every day, practicing and becoming better. Nonetheless, many of us expect to play as if we were more regular players. 

Plus, golf puts you in the spotlight. When you’re golfing, it’s just you. There are no teammates to share blame or commiserate with. Instead, you are left with only yourself to blame for poor playing. And you have plenty of time to ruminate on the problems when you’re walking or riding between shots. This lets the stress of the game build up. 

Techniques to Manage Your Stress

If you are finding golf to be more stressful than you want, there are some things you can try to reduce your stress levels.

Warm up: Many players arrive at the course at their tee time and start playing immediately, but that can make it hard to play your best. Taking time on the driving range and/or putting green can help you loosen up and get your mind in the game. You can work on forgetting the outside stresses before you start playing. Plus, you can build up your confidence before the first hole. 

Focus on the positive: Positive thinking can help you maintain a good mood. Before you play, think back to good games you’ve played in the past and have them in mind as you start your game today. Try not to ruminate on bad hits, and instead focus on the things that are going well. 

Good golf buddies: Find the right company for playing golf. Some people are going to ramp up your stress level because of their competitiveness. Others are more friendly and encouraging. Choose to play with people that make golfing a good experience. 

How NuCalm Can Help

In addition, NuCalm is a powerful tool for eliminating your stress on the golf course. 

NuCalm lets you turn off stress like a switch. You shut off your body’s anxiety response. In addition, it helps you eliminate those nagging thoughts about everything going on in your life so you can focus exclusively on the game. 

NuCalm stimulates blood flow to the frontal and prefrontal cortex. This not only helps reduce your anxiety, but it improves your brain’s ability to learn and access what it knows. This helps you play your best golf now and primes you to get better each time you play. And the better you play, the lower your stress as a recreational golfer. 

This makes NuCalm an essential accessory for anyone who wishes they could relax on the golf course.