When we talk about the benefits of NuCalm for high-level athletes, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the system offers many different types of benefits for competitors. While some of these benefits are particularly beneficial to athletes, such as speeding physical recovery,there are many great reasons for coaches to use the system, too.

NuCalm Helps Coaches, Too | Perform Better

Avoid Jet-Lag

Life on the road is a hard reality for teams that compete at high levels. Everyone has to be ready to compete no matter the time zone. And that includes coaches.

But coaches often have it worse, because they’re not just traveling during the season. During the offseason, they may still be traveling around to scout and recruit talent. Coaches don’t have time to lose to jet-lag when they’re flying from coast to coast. Using NuCalm can help coaches avoid jet lag to remain sharp no matter what time zone they’re in.

Reset Mentally

There’s a lot of focus on how wins and losses affect athletes mentally. How it can make them dwell on a bad loss or get overconfident from a big win. But this phenomenon isn’t limited to athletes. It can affect coaches, too. In fact, it’s probably worse for coaches, whose job it is to analyze the team’s performance and figure out what went wrong or right.

Coaches need to be able to look at the videos of their team dispassionately. They can’t get bogged down in the emotions of it. They need clarity and distance to make the proper conclusions from each loss and each victory. That’s where NuCalm can help. It helps you achieve emotional balance so that you can get rid of all the baggage you might have been carrying. That way, you’re mentally ready to do the analysis of the last game and prepare for the next one.

Improve Your Learning

Speaking of being mentally ready, there is a huge demand on coaches to learn and weigh a tremendous amount of data. They need to know the strengths and weaknesses of all their players, as well as those on opposing teams. Coaches need to have ready recall of all their rosters and their plays, and be prepared to make adjustments as necessary, both between games and in the middle of games.

NuCalm can help with this. It increases blood flow to the brain, making it ready to learn. Short NuCalm sessions can help you learn and retain what you need to keep your team at maximum performance.

Reduce Stress

Of all the positions on a team, the coach probably has the highest level of stress. Coaches know that on any given day, their job is on the line. A bad performance from a beloved team can lead to emotional decisions, including the summary dismissal of the coach.

Coaches know that they’re held responsible for the performance of their team. Many of them will eagerly take up that responsibility. They know the buck stops with them.

But, at the same time, coaches also know they can’t control the performance of their team. Even with all their power, they can at best just influence the team’s performance. Responsibility without control is practically the definition of a stressful situation.

But coaches can take some of that stress off by using NuCalm. NuCalm defuses the body’s anxiety mechanisms so coaches can focus on the things they can control and do the best with what they have.

NuCalm Is Great for You and Your Team

If you are a coach who is looking to improve the performance of yourself and your team, NuCalm is a great choice. To learn more about how NuCalm can help your team perform better, please contact a local NuCalm provider today.