If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you are literally in for the fight of your life. Modern medical technology can work wonders, but it doesn’t work alone. You need to marshall all your body’s resources to give yourself the best odds for success.

Fortunately, NuCalm is a tool that is great for helping you do just that. By helping you combat stress and get better sleep, NuCalm can make it easier to bring your all to your cancer fight.

Woman for breast cancer awareness in boxing gloves. NuCalm gives you a place to retreat and reframe your attitude towards chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery so that you can appreciate how they are helping you.

Combat Stress

The stress of cancer is like having a second major health condition to manage. As you fight cancer, you are also fighting to keep your life from spiraling out of control. It’s hard to manage good self-care, and basic needs like sleep and a balanced diet can fly out the window.

But NuCalm can help you manage your stress so that you can take better care of yourself, which is critical to winning this fight.

Better Sleep

Sleep is essential for your body’s immune system to function, but it can be one of the most limited resources in your cancer fight. Worrying about your outcomes can make it harder for you to get to sleep, and discomfort or sweats can wake you up at night. Some cancers and treatments can make your heart feel like it’s racing all the time, and you just can’t calm down enough to sleep.

NuCalm can turn your body’s stress responses off to help you prepare for sleep and get the rest you need. In addition, NuCalm can help you to get more rest in a shorter time during the day. Instead of long naps, you might be able to renew yourself with a short NuCalm session.

Treatments as Hard as the Disease

Cancer treatments can be almost as bad as the disease itself. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery are all hard on the body, taxing its ability to heal, and potentially interfering with the body’s normal functions.  You can feel worn out, might have little or no appetite, and develop hair loss–a visible sign of your condition’s impact.

NuCalm gives you a place to retreat and reframe your attitude to these treatments so that  you can appreciate how they are helping you.

NuCalm also puts your body in a restorative state that can combat some of the negative impacts of cancer. It optimizes your body’s ability to deliver and use oxygen and can help stimulate immune system function.

Work with Doctors Who Use NuCalm–Or Get Your Own

There are several doctors who have decided to use NuCalm to help their patients cope with cancer. Usually, the goal is stress relief, but the impacts are far-reaching. Read the testimony of a doctor uses NuCalm to help her patients in their cancer fight, or read the stories of patients who have found this technology invaluable in their personal struggle. Then you can decide to seek out a doctor who offers NuCalm or consider getting your own system for at-home use.