DR. ANDREA STEVENS DENTISTRYService in the military and the police involves subjecting oneself to physical and mental stresses that can overwhelm even the strongest person. These people evidence a superhuman will to continue to face these horrors, but despite their will, they may often suffer as a result of the strain. It’s important to ensure that these people have the support they need to continue not only doing their job, but living their lives.

NuCalm gives us a new way to do this, and Kanata, Ontario NuCalm provider Dr. Andrea Stevens knew that it would help one of her patients, James Thorne. Thorne, a veteran and military police investigator, was suffering terrible stress from his experiences and his job. Dr. Stevens recommended he try NuCalm to see whether it could relax him. After seeing the results he achieved in her office, Dr. Stevens knew it was vital that he have a system at home, so she arranged for NuCalm to donate a system so he could get stress relief at home.

Service at Home and Abroad

Thorne began his service by training to be a military policeman at Canadian Forces Base Borden (CFB Borden). Then he was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the multinational force of combat troops as well as security, development, and training personnel.

Three years ago, Thorne was involved in an incident where he was injured and several of his comrades were killed. He was sent home to recuperate, but rather than being redeployed to Afghanistan, he was reassigned to military police’s National Investigation Services (NIS). He works as a digital forensics examiner and has to evaluate appalling cases involving child abuse and child pornography.

Overwhelming Stress

Local Dentist’s Unique Holiday Gift to Afghanistan War VetAs with his military service, Thorne approaches his current assignment with diligence and dedication, but it had taken a toll on him. He still experiences episodes of post-traumatic stress, and this combines with the horrors of his current work. He says, “I have five children and my work takes your soul away. I’ve seen things you could never imagine. It’s scary. The criminals who engage in it can look like anybody you might pass on the street.”

He has been undergoing treatment, but it wasn’t working. Weekly therapy sessions and sedatives couldn’t keep him from becoming overprotective of his children, and says “I avoid parks because they trigger flashbacks of the videos I’ve had to examine. You don’t want to think about it. You want to push it out of your mind, but it always returns to the foreground.” As well as parks, he avoids crowds, public pools, soccer games, kids’ TV shows, and many other things that can trigger his bad memories.

The NuCalm Breakthrough

Dr. Stevens had used NuCalm to help anxious dental patients feel better, so she knew the patented relaxation technique worked. Thorne was initially skeptical, but when he tried it he was convinced. “”It was an eye-opener. I felt refreshed. Even my wife noticed the difference. I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long time.”

Seeing the benefits, Dr. Stevens decided to arrange for NuCalm to donate a system to Thorne. She said, “He has given so much to the cause of freedom overseas and so much to improving our local quality of life, I cannot think of a more deserving person.”

The truly exciting thing about Thorne’s NuCalm experience is that the benefits aren’t just a momentary relief from his stress. Instead, he uses the meditative state of being under NuCalm to explore what haunts him about his work. By facing these painful memories, he hopes to negate their effect on him so that he can erase his flashbacks. He also shares the NuCalm system with his wife and children, helping them all benefit from the system’s relaxation power.

If you would like to see whether you can benefit from NuCalm’s relaxing technology, please contact a local NuCalm provider today.