If you’ve suffered an injury or you’re undergoing a medical procedure like surgery, you’re probably concerned with how to minimize your recovery time and improve your results. The good news is that NuCalm can help you manage your stress and sleep so you can feel better faster.

NuCalm Helps You Heal | Feel Better

Stress Slows Healing

One thing we know about healing is that it’s a lot harder for your body to heal when it’s stressed, so stress management is critical to healing. There are many physiological mechanisms that directly link high stress levels to delayed wound healing.

One of the most direct links between stress and delayed healing is the production of cytokines. Cytokines are protoinflammatory proteins that help trigger the healing process. When people experience stress during their procedure, they produce fewer cytokines. These cytokines trigger the processes of healing, and they’re responsible for the good kind of inflammation. So people with more stress before, during, and after their procedure experience delayed healing.

However, there are other links between stress and slow healing. One is the risk of infection. People with high stress levels experience diminished immune system function, so they’re more likely to develop infections. Infections can cause serious complications and delay your healing.

Stress-related behaviors can also contribute to poor healing. Stress is correlated to alcohol consumption, and drinking too much can slow healing. Smoking slows healing, too.

And, of course, a lack of sleep can slow healing.

Sleep and Healing

Getting good sleep is strongly recommended to improve your healing. Sleep may help healing because it improves the release of growth hormones that also play a role in the healing process.

Sleep also helps your body maintain its immune system in top fighting shape. The more you sleep, the better your body will fight off infection.

Sleep helps your body focus its resources on healing, and while you’re sleeping, you’re less likely to injure yourself again.

In truth, science hasn’t linked good sleep to healing. However, there is probably an effect there that is hidden in part by the strong links between stress and healing with its link to sleep.

How to Use NuCalm to Improve Your Healing

So, how does NuCalm help you to heal? By reducing your stress and improving your sleep. You can utilize the benefits of NuCalm by choosing a NuCalm provider to perform your surgery or treat your injury.

Your doctor or dentist can use NuCalm to help you prepare for your procedure or use it during your procedure to help manage stress. This will help during the immediate healing period. You’ll not only heal better, you’ll likely experience less discomfort, too.

Working with a NuCalm provider also lets you take advantage of NuCalm during follow-up visits. These periodic bursts of intense parasympathetic nervous system activation will help control your stress and promote good sleep, which will improve your healing.

To learn more about the benefits of NuCalm for healing, please contact a local NuCalm provider.