Clarity, Comprehension and Concentration Can Now Be Managed by the Patented Neuroacoustic Program ‘Focus’

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE (Issued July 27, 2022) – Through thirty years of invention and development, researchers at Solace Lifesciences have created the revolutionary delivery platform NuCalm® which provides individuals the power to clear their brains of stress and anxiety without drugs. This week, the Wilmington, Delaware based company unveiled Focus, the next generation technology that completes the puzzle of managing brain wave function safely at home.


From the highest levels of intensity to the deepest levels of sleep, NuCalm® is able to manage all five brain wave categories. Focus is a new way to clear your mind by choosing one of three ‘patented neuroacoustic journeys’:

  • Clarity – slows you down, and helps you focus on one thing at a time
  • Comprehension – helps with problem-solving, conscious awareness
  • Concentration – removes distractions and allows your brain to receive information


For everyone, learning is dependent upon their mental state. When brain activity oscillates between 15Hz – 20Hz, your cognition, memory, comprehension and recall are all improved. Focus quickly paces your brain waves into a state of clarity, active thinking and positive emotions. Through this powerful, safe and predictable delivery system, users are able to manage their mental state and become more efficient with their thoughts and their time. NuCalm® offers four products that manage five brain wave categories: NuCalm for recovery and restoration; Focus™ for clarity and comprehension; Ignite® for high intensity peak performance; and Deep Sleep™ for dreamless sleep.

Solace Lifesciences’ CEO Jim Poole understands the skepticism of those who laugh at the audacious claim that, for the first time in 40 million years of evolution, it’s possible to outsmart the world’s most complicated and powerful computing system – the human brain. “The human brain is a complex system and to manage it requires a complex solution,” Poole stated. “We have spent more than thirty years developing a safe and predictable way for people to dial up or dial down their brain waves to create whatever outcome they want; from the deepest levels of sleep to recovery and restoration to the highest levels of intensity and mental focus.

You no longer need drugs or stimulants like energy drinks to change your mental state. All you do is listen to our patented neuroacoustic software and your brain waves will be able to achieve clarity, expand comprehension and improve concentration.”

To date, millions of people across the globe have benefitted from regular use of

NuCalm® ( This patented, clinically proven technology allows you to ‘flip the switch’ from stress to rest and recovery within minutes, without drugs or side-effects. Since 2009, NuCalm has been used in over two million surgical procedures and used by 54 professional sports teams, the military, the FBI, cancer patients, PTSD sufferers, pilots, busy executives and many others. Hundreds of spas and fitness centers across the country offer NuCalm to their guests.

Contact for Solace Lifesciences, Inc.: David Poole, Chief Business Officer / 617-259-0877

For more info visit or call 1-800-810-1710 to speak to a representative.

–  By Stan Hurwitz /

The Patented Biosignal Processing Disc 

Your body is an electrical conduit filled with conductive saline. Our Patented Biosignal Processing Discs create an electical feedback loop directly to your brain, using frequency resonance to calm your autonomic nervous system and prime your body and mind for recovery.

What’s in It?

Our Biosignal Processing Discs contain ZERO drugs. The design you see on the outside houses small bits of copper that hold an very light electrical charge.

How Does it Work?

When Applied to the Pericardium 6 accupressure point, the charge in the disc is activated by your body’s Gauss Field, the natural electromagnetic field that surrounds every human. Once activated, the disc produces a frequency that instructs your brain to begin creating the Neurotransmitter GABA.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely 100% Safe for pets, children, plants, or any living thing. The minute charge in the discs cannot shock you. GABA is already present in your body, and is safe at any level, its primary purpose is to supress your autonomic nervous system (stress response) and help you begin to relax.

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