Revolutionary Stress and Mental Health App NUCALM Set to Launch Affordable Direct to Consumer Long Awaited Technology on March 1st

President and CEO of NuCalm Jim Poole Featured as Lecturer at the 20th Annual Congress for the Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics

(February 22, 2023) – In a time when society continues to push the boundaries of innovation and progress, and on the advent of social media and our connectivity, the need for better mental health access has become the paramount focus of overall well-being. Launching on March 1st, renowned neuroscience technology company, NuCalm, will be releasing an affordable and consumer-friendly mobile app that harnesses 33 years of patented neuroscience and puts the power of your brain in the palm of your hand. NuCalm users will now have the capacity to change their mental state from the deepest levels of sleep to the highest levels of intensity simply by selecting their channel on the app, putting on headphones, and pressing start.

Since 2009, NuCalm has been exclusively utilized by the military, surgeons, pilots, pro athletes, cancer patients, and top executives to help manage stress and anxiety through “neuroacoustic software,” which provides users an almost instantaneous sense of relief and focus. This revolutionary science has been used to treat veterans suffering from acute PTSD, major athletes, celebrities, and performers. It has been used to replace general anesthesia in over 2,000,000 surgical procedures.

Now, NuCalm has developed a mobile platform that takes complex brain science and makes it a “no-brainer” with technology that is all-natural, non-invasive and easy -to-use. Applying clinically proven, patented “neuroacoustic” software, NuCalm guides your brain waves to different

frequencies (highest frequencies are associated with peak mental state and concentration while the lowest frequencies are related to deep sleep), allowing the user to take back control over stress and anxiety, providing deeper recovery and restoration without the use of drugs. It is through their technology that NuCalm hopes to unlock everyone’s ability to change their mental state on-demand.

Recently, President and CEO of NuCalm, Jim Poole, was featured as a lecturer at the

prestigious 20th Annual Congress for the Society of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics. Poole’s presentation, titled ‘Downregulation of Sympathetic Tone in Substance Use Withdrawal and Relapse Prevention – a Patented Clinically Proven Therapeutic Intervention – NuCalm’ alongside Dr.

Keerthy Sunder (the widely accredited physician, psychiatrist and Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California, Riverside, CA) presented the groundbreaking research and insights from NuCalm to the symposium as an effective all-natural stress relief technology.

About Jim Poole:

Jim is an accomplished business executive with extensive leadership success across numerous industries over the past three decades. Mr. Poole manages the strategic direction of NuCalm, a neuroscience company on a mission to change the world through patented, clinically proven neuroscience. In 2015, NuCalm was granted the world’s first and only patent for lowering stress and improving sleep quality without drugs. In 2021, 32 years of NuCalm neuroscience was successfully transformed from an FDA Class III medical device to a consumer subscription accessed through a mobile app. Consumer adoption of the neuroscience platform that puts the power of your brain into the palm of your hand is exponentially growing around the world.

Jim serves on the board of directors of several companies. He is a recognized business leader, an expert on the human stress response, a public speaker, and an accomplished author. For more than 14 years, Jim has lectured globally on topics including applied neuropsychobiology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, stress, recovery, performance, healing, and leadership.


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