October Is Cancer Awareness Month

Chronic Stress Leads to Higher Risk of Dying from Cancer:

Research Shows Stress-Relief Helps Build Resilience

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Despite billions of dollars of research, and all the conventional, alternative, leading-edge and unusual approaches, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the U. S. after heart disease.

During October, Cancer Awareness Month, Janet Hranicky, M.D., Ph.D., (photo below), the visionary and co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute’s Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program in West Palm Beach, FL, and a pioneer in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology and cancer, emphasizes the connection between chronic stress and the significantly higher risk of dying from cancer. She says, “There’s a strong correlation between stress, psychological factors, and cancer. Evidence links one’s stress response not only to the development and course of cancer, but also to their response to treatment. The more we can help people down-regulate stress physiology, the more we can help upregulate the immune system and other healing mechanisms.”

One treatment used with positive results at Hippocrates and by millions of people across the world is NuCalm (www.NuCalm.com), a patented, drug-free, clinically proven neuroscience technology that enables users to change their mental state on demand. Since 2014, NuCalm has been a foundational technology for the Institute’s cancer treatment program. Dr. Hranicky says, “For over four decades, I have used a range of techniques and therapies to help patients manage stress, but none have provided consistently predictable and reliable outcomes –until NuCalm. Regular use builds resilience, lowers inflammation, builds immune strength, and, most importantly, provides precious moments of peace of mind and hope, while also improving sleep quality.”

James Poole, neuroscience tech pioneer and President/CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., maker of NuCalm, says a key to preserving good health and fighting effects of cancer is resilience. “Think of resilience as your mind and body’s ‘rainy day fund.’ Patients and healthy individuals alike can build resilience with regular NuCalm use. NuCalm acts like a reset button that dramatically lowers the stress response and allows the body’s natural healing processes to thrive. When a person learns they have cancer, often they become stressed, fearful and confused,” says Poole. “They can’t relax. The body’s resulting stress response allows the cancer to take over, and even accelerate the patient’s depreciation. NuCalm predictably and rapidly puts the brakes on the stress response, giving them peace of mind, clarity, balance, and improved sleep quality. Dr. Hranicky’s multi-pronged approach – incorporating NuCalm — helps the mind and body to fight back.”

According to Justin Moore, an assistant professor in the cancer prevention, control and population health program at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University and Georgia Cancer Center in Atlanta, “Many of us experience cumulative stress, or wear and tear on the body, due to ‘life course stressors.’” Researchers have found that lifelong stress appears to trigger a 14% rise in risk of cancer death.

Poole says regular 30-minute NuCalm sessions helps users safely and predictably lower their stress, sleep better, and achieve internal balance. He states, “it’s addition by subtraction. If you take stress out of your life, everything is better.” NuCalm has been used successfully in over two million surgical procedures and is used by athletes on 54 pro teams, as well as the US military, the FBI, first responders, doctors, celebrities, veterans with PTSD, pilots, and business execs.

Dr. Hranicky says, “NuCalm allows the old limbic area of the brain to experience a state of perceived safety and comfort, which triggers a parasympathetic response and the chemical changes physiologically connected with it. When the old brain is calm and feels safe, the frontal cortex can experience synchronicity and flow throughout the entire organism, and allow the person to go into a state of deep relaxation, often deeper than they might have gone for a long time. That is a healing state.”

She adds, “The state of deep relaxation allows for recuperation and a reboot of the system that can provide the resiliency necessary to come back to where regeneration can occur. Then we can bring down the stress physiology because the immune system, the hormonal system, all of the healing mechanisms will begin to buoy back up and begin to self-regulate again.”

As rated by CancerDoctor.com, the Hippocrates Health Institute is one of America’s top 25 cancer treatment centers offering mind-body medicine. Over the last 60 years individuals from all over the world have come to Hippocrates to transform their lives under the guidance of a knowledgeable, compassionate team. Offerings include health and nutritional counseling, noninvasive remedial and rejuvenating therapies, spa services, lectures and food buffets of enzyme-rich, organic vegan meals, plus psychological and emotional support.

Poole reports that since last year’s introduction of NuCalm’s consumer product and subscription program, users around the world have learned how to ‘own the day’ and surpassed over 125 million minutes of ‘NuCalming,’ The technology has been fine-tuned and continuously improved upon over the last 32 years.

Among devotees are ultramarathoner Robbie Belanger who used it nightly to help him complete the daunting ‘Colorado Crush’ mountain challenge and enabled him to ‘outlast a Tesla’; and author/motivational speaker Tony Robbins who wrote about it in his latest book, ‘Life Force.’

NuCalm was recently featured on an Access Hollywood segment on ‘Anti-Aging Hacks’ with Mario Lopez and Melissa Peterman. It has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, CBS, USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Los Angeles Tribune, and won prestigious awards at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company hosted a NuCalm Recovery Lounge at Enshrinement Week at the Pro Football League Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, at Super Bowl week in Los Angeles, at the US Open Golf Championship in Brookline, MA, and at the US Open Tennis Championships in New York. In recent weeks, Poole has been featured on Barry Shore’s ‘The Joy of Living,’ headlined the LA Tribune’s Neuroscience Summit, and the Biohacking Congress.

For more info, visit www.NuCalm.com or contact David Poole, Chief Business Officer, Solace Lifesciences: david.poole@nucalm.com

By Stan Hurwitz / stanhurwitz@gmail.com

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