Almost 40 Percent of the 54 Million Population In Kenya Are School Age Children; Now, NuCalm Has Provided Life-Changing Productivity Technology That Lowers Stress And Improves Sleep Quality Without Drugs

On his second trip in less than four months, American tech entrepreneur Jim Poole was a featured speaker in the “Kenya Keynote Tour,” which brought together business leaders and Kenyan university and high school students for a series of presentations and workshops that included inspirational speeches, courses on how the human brain works and guidance and advanced business education to thousands of students at 10 different schools throughout the country. Also included were presentations to senior law enforcement officials, hospital leadership, and governors.

For a wide berth of Kenyan high school and university students, scholars, and faculty, NuCalm has announced it is providing universal free access to its unique patented, clinically proven neuroscience software and is already tracking significant positive results and anecdotal reporting in that region.

While education plays an important role in Kenyan life, its population of eager learners, starting at the elementary school level, often sees their ambitions unrealized due to overwhelming stress, economic limits, everyday nutritional challenges, lack of clean water, and limited access to technology and the Internet, especially in rural areas.

“The students in Kenya often face overwhelming stress, that is difficult for Americans to comprehend. Imagine going to school daily, worried about transportation, or being able to pay your school fees, or where your next meal is coming from, or who is going to take care of a sick family member back home. They are trying to learn a similar college curriculum as students in America, but have so many more problems to worry about. But we are here to make a positive impact and to help! We provide Kenyan students with technology that lowers their stress, enhances their focus during their studies, and improves their sleep quality without drugs” says Poole, whose NuCalm company to date has donated over four-million dollars of NuCalm to local students and donated the NuCalm computer library at the Nyamuya day school outside of Kisii, Kenya.

For more than 33 years, Poole’s neuroscience company has been creating patented, clinically proven neuroscience solutions to help people change their mental state on demand. The NuCalm proprietary technology used to be available exclusively to doctors, the US military, pilots, professional athletes, and cancer patients and was an expensive FDA Class III medical device. In November 2021, NuCalm successfully transitioned from a medical device to a consumer product. Today, NuCalm’s usage is growing exponentially across the globe with the recent launch of the latest generation mobile NuCalm app and an affordable monthly subscription.

“All I can say about being around Jim Poole is wow! He is a force of nature and I’ve witnessed his positive impact on thousands of Kenyans. His passion and determination to share his wisdom, his love, his encouragement, and of course, NuCalm, makes me so happy and grateful,” says Ambassador Dominic Obadiah, CEO of Civility Travel. “Jim also financially supports dozens of students with their school fees and living expenses, which is beyond anyone’s expectations.” Dominic further states, “I am Kenyan and want desperately to help Kenyans live better lives, and I am honored and humbled to help organize the Kenya Keynote Tour led by David Fagan and Isabel Donadio at Top Talent Agency. In addition to the amazing NuCalm donations, these influential business leaders donated water tanks, feminine hygiene products, food, school supplies, sports equipment, and built a gate around a day school for protection. Thank you!”


Jim at the Kereri Girl’s School
Jim at the Manga Girl’s School


About Jim Poole:

Jim is an accomplished business executive with extensive leadership success across numerous industries over the past three decades. Poole manages the strategic direction of NuCalm, a neuroscience company on a mission to change the world through patented, clinically proven neuroscience. In 2015, NuCalm was granted the world’s first and only patent for lowering stress and improving sleep quality without drugs. In 2021, 31 years of NuCalm neuroscience was successfully transformed from an FDA Class III medical device to a consumer subscription easily accessed through a mobile app. Consumer adoption of the neuroscience platform that puts the power of your brain into the palm of your hand is growing around the world.

Jim serves on the board of directors of several companies. He is a recognized business leader, an expert on the human stress response, a public speaker, and an accomplished author. For more than 14 years, Jim has lectured globally on topics including applied neuropsychobiology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, stress, recovery, performance, healing, and leadership.


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