NuCalm Donates Over Two Million Dollars’ Worth of Scholarships, School Supplies, Sports Equipment, and FREE NuCalm Subscriptions to Elementary, High School and University students

Also, NuCalm was Part of Business Consortium that Purchased a Fresh Water Tank for an All-Girls Kenyan School that Had No Running Water

Wilmington, Delaware, December 8, 2022 NuCalm®, a neuroscience technology designed to relieve stress and improve sleep quality without drugs, is proud to announce that their mission to be an agent of change was successful and that NuCalm made a true impact while in Kenya. Jim Poole, President and CEO of NuCalm, visited various counties and schools in Kenya November 12-21, 2022, during a speaking tour organized with industry influencers and business leaders designed by Top Talent Agency and David Fagan to inspire students through business and personal development.

While on the tour, Jim and the other participants were so moved by the overwhelmingly beautiful souls they met, they were motivated to support their success in any way they could. “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is” said NuCalm CEO Jim Poole who decided that action speaks louder than words.

The first stop on the keynote speaking tour in Kenya was the University of Nairobi School of Business. Mr. Poole commented, “These are impressive young adults who exuded nothing but happiness and joy, even though many came from poverty and faced challenges with food insecurity, worry about personal safety and more.” He added, “When asked how many were the first in their families to attend a university, about 80% of the room raised their hands.” Mr. Poole donated 500

Annual Premium NuCalm subscriptions (retail value of $1.44 Million Dollars) – to University of Nairobi School of Business students.

The next stop on the tour was Kisii University in Kenya. Mr. Poole and fellow speakers were hosted by Elijah Obwori, CEC education and Leah Bwari, CEC Health who were there at request of the Governor of Kisii, Simba Arati. Once again, the positive energy was quite palpable and Mr. Poole shared, “Their consciousness and hearts were unlike anything I have ever known or felt.” Following the end of the inspirational presentation, Mr. Poole donated 500 KwikState Powered by NuCalm subscriptions to Kisii University students (retail value of $148,500).

Mr. Poole visited Kisii Polytech for the tour’s final University-based stop. NuCalm sponsored several students across all three universities with scholarships to pay for college tuition. Mr. Poole commented, “The true joy was giving hope and validation to these students, reinforcing that they are important and can be successful.”

The remaining two schools that the group visited were the Manga Girls High School in Nyamira County and the Nyamuya Primary School (Grades 1-12) in Kisii County. While presenting at the all- girls school, Mr. Poole realized that they had no running water and no feminine hygiene products for the students. When asking the school administration about the situation, they explained the process for the girls to walk down to the river with buckets and collect water for the day. Not only are the students in danger from animals, but also from potential rape or assault. The business consortium including Mr. Poole and NuCalm pulled together funds in order to purchase and install a freshwater tank for the school. Mr. Poole, being the father to three daughters, also led the donation of feminine hygiene products for each girl for one year. After hearing the kids at the Nyamuya Primary School never felt safe, the group, led by David Fagan donated and built a gate to protect the school. Also, while visiting the group freshly painted all the blackboards, donated school supplies, sports equipment and spent time playing, dancing, and getting to know the students.

The tour of Kenya ended with a special invite to the home of the Governor of Kisii, Simba Arati. They had dinner and learned about the Governor’s plans to fight corruption and his vow to get more dollars in aid into the actual hands of those who need it.

Mr. Poole felt empowered by his life-altering experiences in Kenya and went home feeling grateful and even more dedicated to his work with NuCalm. He shared, “we have the power to change the consciousness of future generations, by healing the consciousness one individual at a time, and by liberating them from the overwhelming, constant stress they face every day.”

Mr. Poole and NuCalm make giving back a priority year-round. They donate regularly to the U.S. Military veteran community including Mission 22, a non-profit organization that provides treatment programs for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and suicide awareness and prevention. They also donate money and NuCalm products to cancer patients, first responders, and people battling Multiple Sclerosis. Additionally, in the wake of the Russian war with Ukraine, NuCalm recently reached out to their database of over 90,000 users and offered a FREE NuCalm premium account to any friends, family or loved ones that were living in Ukraine, Poland or Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, or Slovakia.

About NuCalm:

“Where Stress Surrenders to Neuroscience”

At NuCalm, we discover, invent, develop, test, refine, and release the most sophisticated, powerful, and predictable neuroacoustic software in the world. It’s about trying to outsmart the world’s most complex, adaptable, evolved, and powerful computing system in the world – the human brain. You must respect the perfection of the human brain before you attempt to make it better. More than 30 years ago, Dr. Holloway began a quest to help people suffering from acute PTSD without using narcotics. This mission led to years of research, development, and clinical testing and ultimately a breakthrough technology platform named NuCalm that safely and predictably allows you to manage your mental states on demand. We do this through patented, clinically proven neuroacoustic software that gently guides your brain waves to different frequencies: from the highest frequencies associated with peak mental state and concentration to the lowest frequencies associated with deep sleep. The biggest advantage to you is that this technology is all-natural, non-invasive, easy-to-use, and works every single time you use it.


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The Patented Biosignal Processing Disc 

Your body is an electrical conduit filled with conductive saline. Our Patented Biosignal Processing Discs create an electical feedback loop directly to your brain, using frequency resonance to calm your autonomic nervous system and prime your body and mind for recovery.

What’s in It?

Our Biosignal Processing Discs contain ZERO drugs. The design you see on the outside houses small bits of copper that hold an very light electrical charge.

How Does it Work?

When Applied to the Pericardium 6 accupressure point, the charge in the disc is activated by your body’s Gauss Field, the natural electromagnetic field that surrounds every human. Once activated, the disc produces a frequency that instructs your brain to begin creating the Neurotransmitter GABA.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely 100% Safe for pets, children, plants, or any living thing. The minute charge in the discs cannot shock you. GABA is already present in your body, and is safe at any level, its primary purpose is to supress your autonomic nervous system (stress response) and help you begin to relax.

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