This past weekend, Jim Poole, the CEO of Solace Lifesciences got the opportunity to speak about the intersection between mental and physical health at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. Speaking alongside Michael Galitzer, MD, coauthor of A New Calm, Poole was able to highlight some of the healing benefits of NuCalm’s patented technology.

Health Is Energy

The talk by Poole and Dr. Galitzer was called “Outstanding Health: How the Body Influences the Mind and How the Mind Influences the Body.” It was focused on how personal choices, attitudes, and behaviors all contribute to developing and maintaining good health.

The talk explored how energy influences a person’s health. In so doing, it looked at how many aspects of a person’s being influences their energy. When all organs are functioning properly, their energy consumption is minimal and their energy production is high. This includes the brain and the mind.

Unfortunately, many different kinds of toxins can negatively impact organ function and therefore personal energy levels. Some of these toxins are environmental, but some of them are actually generated inside the body.

One of the major elements of the talk looked at the way psychologically generated toxins can start from the midbrain and spread throughout our systems, leading to damaging fatigue.

With rest, the negative effects of stress and fatigue can be diminished, but it isn’t always easy to rest. Techniques like mindfulness can help people get their necessary rest, which can profoundly influence overall health.

NuCalm Can Improve Energy

What Makes Dr. Galitzer and Poole the perfect people to be giving this talk is their connection to NuCalm, a powerful new technology for helping people maximize rest and personal energy. Poole described NuCalm as “an elegant solution to a pervasive problem,” the problem of chronic stress that is driving people to try to switch off and unplug to find rest and solace.

Dr. Galitzer isn’t just the author of A New Calm, he’s a physician with extensive experience utilizing NuCalm to help his stressed patients. He said of his practice, “One of the key health indicators I look at in my patients is cortisol levels. Stress is a silent killer and a huge obstacle to achieving optimal health and longevity. The better we can manage cortisol, the more we can equilibrate our nervous system, the closer we are to optimizing our physiology and health.” He has used the NuCalm technology to help his superstar patients, which include actors, business leaders, and athletes.

By helping these people overcome their stress, NuCalm helps them maximize their personal energy and therefore their health and productivity.

Are You Losing Energy?

If you’re unhappy with your low energy, NuCalm may be able to help. To learn more about this exciting anti-stress technology, please contact a local NuCalm provider today for an appointment.