If you are looking to improve yourself this spring, then relaxation is a great choice. Improving your ability to relax can dramatically improve your efficiency. By increasing your relaxation efficiency, you can not only have more time for all the things in your busy day, you can execute more effectively all day long.

That’s why Craig Melvin, TODAY anchor, decided to head to ReCover Studio in New York City to learn more about the latest approaches to relaxation. And of all the methods he tried, Craig and the rest of the TODAY team were most impressed with NuCalm.

Craig Melvin, TODAY anchor, decided to relax with NuCalm. Out of all the methods he tried, Craig and the rest of the TODAY team were most impressed with NuCalm.

Three Relaxation Approaches

First, Craig tried CVAC, short for Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning. In this relaxation tool, you sit in an airtight pod, as it changes the air pressure. The pressure will reduce, simulating the atmospheric pressure as high as 22,500 feet, then cycles downward, restoring pressure equivalent to seal level before reducing the pressure again. The goal is to stimulate the body to produce more red blood cells, the way it might do in the days after a high-elevation hike.

When Craig tried this machine, he felt a bit annoyed at the claustrophobic sensation of being in the pod, and the constant popping of his ears. He didn’t report much benefit from it. However, to be fair, the CVAC is a tool that isn’t designed to give immediate relaxation and rejuvenation. The goal is to stimulate the body’s mechanisms to increase your energy in the near future. However, adaptation can happen in just a few hours and lead to long-term results of up to 120 days.

Next, Craig tried NuCalm. He was told that he would get about 2 hours worth of restorative sleep from a 30-minute NuCalm session. Although Craig was initially nervous about NuCalm, NuCalm did its magic, and at the end of his session, he felt the benefits. You could see it in his smile, he was truly rested and his stress was dramatically reduced.

Finally, Craig tried some muscle stretches, which he appreciated. At one point, he commented that he didn’t even know he had the muscles they were stretching, nor, presumably, did he know how tense they were.

NuCalm Stands Apart

At the conclusion of the segment, all four anchors were talking about NuCalm. That’s because Craig had discovered that this was the relaxation approach that truly worked best for him. The other hosts expressed disbelief, and, not having tried it, didn’t think that the elements could come together to achieve the result.

But Craig assured them. He had not gotten enough sleep the night before, but when he tried NuCalm, he felt the results. It was truly a remarkable experience.

NuCalm Makes Believers Every Day

We understand: NuCalm seems too good to be true. And we’ve heard the lines so many times that we know all the objections, but we ask you to consider a simple proof: try it. All it takes is half an hour, and you’ll see that, as impossible as it seems, NuCalm is truly all it’s cracked up to be.