NuCalm has the ability to change a dental visit from a dreaded chore to a sort of relaxation holiday that patients may actually look forward to. Dental patients are naturally anxious because dental treatment puts them in an anxiety-inducing situation. To counter the anxiety, dentists have become familiar with sedation options and understand both the benefits and drawbacks of the procedures. NuCalm technology is not disruptive to the procedures of a typical dental office, and dentistry is a forward-looking profession where adoption of new technologies is done regularly.

NuCalm lets dentists finally complete their goal of creating a spa-like atmosphere in their dental practice because it gives them the essential component of any spa: relaxation.

Dental Patients Want a Better way

To some degree, anxiety is a natural response to the situation people find themselves in when they visit the dentist. They are on their back, with bright lights shining in their faces, and someone is putting hands inside their mouth. This automatically triggers their stress response.

The primary way dentists have offered to counter this stress is to use sedation dentistry. The problem with sedation is that it causes a completely backward effect: instead of combating the stress response, it suppresses the conscious mind, the part of the patient that wants dental care and knows that it’s best for them, often leaving the stress response intact or only suppressed as a side effect. Patients may remain stressed, they’re just incapable of realizing it or of doing anything about it, which may become its own source of anxiety.

And then there are the side effects of sedation, such as grogginess, nausea, and delayed recovery.

Dental patients want a better way to visit the dentist without feeling anxious.

NuCalm Is an Ideal Solution for the Dental Office

NuCalm relaxation dentistry is an ideal approach for dental offices. Patients can easily use it while they are in the dental chair. Since it only takes two minutes to implement the protocol, is effective within five minutes, and doesn’t interfere with the normal practices in the office. The small time investment often pays itself back in improved ability to work efficiently without interruption on a relaxed patient. And with the introduction of the relaxation cream instead of the tablets, there’s not even any concern about introducing anything to the mouth before the procedure.

NuCalm can also be used along with traditional sedation methods, such as oral conscious sedation, nitrous oxide, or IV sedation because there’s no interaction with the drugs.

Dentists Are Open to New Technology

Another thing that makes dentists perfect for NuCalm is that they are happy to integrate new technologies into their practice–when these technologies improve patient experience. Digital dentistry and x-rays, chairside CAD/CAM machines, clear braces, and dental implants are just a few of the many dental technologies that have transformed the profession in recent years. All these offer better results and/or experience for patients, and NuCalm fits perfectly alongside these other technologies.

Truly Spa-Like Dentistry

NuCalm technology used in dentist office

Recently, many dentists have been trying to assemble a dental experience that is like a visit to a spa. Dentists have added luxury, increased comforts, and become more responsive–anticipatory, even–of their patients’ needs,  but for most patients there’s a big piece missing from that experience: relaxation.

In a true spa experience, patients feel more relaxed when they leave than when they came in. They have had a soothing experience, perhaps even a meditative one. Their mood has improved, and they feel energized for the rest of their day, and often for days afterward. They sleep better that night.

NuCalm can do that for dental patients.

If you’re a dentist looking to offer NuCalm, please contact us here. If you’re a patient who wants to experience NuCalm, please contact a local NuCalm Dentist.