Falling asleep isn’t so easy for everyone. In fact, nearly one in four Americans struggle with insomnia. Stress, medications, anxiety, illnesses and other factors can lead to many people’s struggle to fall and stay asleep at night. Fortunately, there are lots of treatment options available to help people fall asleep fast and rest peacefully throughout the night. With a restful night of sleep, people feel much more energized and alert during the day. NuCalm is a great solution for insomnia. It’s an all-natural sleep supplement that improves sleep quality, restores rhythms and restores hormones to allow for a quality night of sleep. A new user of NuCalm recently wrote to us about his experience with insomnia and how NuCalm helped.

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Lou Burgess’ Testimonial

“I was having issues with insomnia. I went to my physician and he recommended that I take one tablet of Benadryl before bedtime. This seemed to work for a year, but then I became immune to it, so I started taking two pills as per the doctor’s recommendation. He would not prescribe any other medication except Benadryl. After taking two tablets a night for two months my sleep was O.K., however, I was extremely groggy every morning until about 1 p.m.  All of a sudden I became ill, and I experienced extreme difficulty when urinating. Again, I went to my doctor. and he recommended that I consult a urologist. I saw the urologist and he screamed!! He told me that Benadryl was the worst thing for the prostate. My prostate was so enlarged, that it made it very difficult to urinate. I immediately stopped taking the Benadryl, but then I clearly could not sleep again. My primary care physician was of no help whatsoever. He would not give me any other medicine for my insomnia as he didn’t want me to get hooked on any controlled substance.

Moving forward, I found a physician who specialized in sleeping disorders. He prescribed Trazodone 300mg and two tablets of Gabapentin 600mg to help me sleep. The side effects were horrible, they increased my appetite immensely, and I was sleepy, groggy, and non-attentive the entire following day. I had no energy to go to the gym, and I didn’t feel like going to work, just because I was tired and miserable. I was exhausted from the minute I woke up, to the minute I went back to bed at night. This was not a good way to live – it was not living.

Then one of my good friends bought NuCalm. My friend, Rod, sees a personal trainer every day as I do. Rod’s appointment is right before mine, so we often run into each other at the gym. I talked to Rod for several hours and without a doubt, I felt the need to explore the benefits of NuCalm and see exactly how this could help me get rid of all of my sleeping medicines. This was my sole purpose for buying NuCalm.

I was fortunate enough to talk to Monica and Erika at NuCalm, both of whom were so patient and kind. I asked several questions to see if it would really help with my insomnia. I called several times, asking various questions to ensure that my purchase would be a worthwhile investment rather than money down the drain. Well after two weeks of pondering, I finally made the purchase, as my alternatives were non-existent.

From the advice of Monica and Erika, I used NuCalm three times a day with the 20-minute Power Nap in the morning and afternoon, and the Recovery III track before bed. At first, I continued to take my sleeping medicine as I thought it was a crutch. But, after the third week, I decided I did not need the medicine any longer and stopped taking it. I continued to use NuCalm three times a day with the same two tracks.

As time went on, I cut out the morning session, and just did the afternoon Power Nap and Recovery III before bedtime. Finally, I am now using NuCalm only before bed. It makes me very relaxed, calm, and tired, and I sleep like a baby. Sometimes, I will have to admit, I keep it on repeat mode and let it play and play. It always puts me to sleep.

Ok, now you want to hear more? For the last four years, I put the equivalent of BENGAY on my left leg to help with severe pain, but from the first day of using NuCalm, I have not used one smidge of BENGAY!!

I bought NuCalm at the end of August of 2019 now, in December 2019, I am confident and extremely comfortable recommending NuCalm. I remind people that in order for it to work, you have to use it. And it is simple – IT WORKS!!

In addition to an exceptional product, I truly could not be happier with the service I have received from both Erika and Monica, they are terrific and sincere people. The customer service is impeccable.”

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