Because NuCalm is great at relieving anxiety and promoting a relaxed feeling, it’s no wonder that it’s being adopted so widely among dental offices.

But because the relaxation NuCalm provides is good for more than just anxious patients, it’s also not surprising that it’s being adopted for other uses, as well.


Relaxing with NuCalm helps you recover your personal energy reserves to have more energy for work and play. Just a brief session with NuCalm can help you feel revived and ready to resume your daily routine. It’s so effective that Tony Robbins recently declared that NuCalm was one of his favorite ways to relax and reset. When given just half an hour off in a recent day of media appearances, he spent 20 minutes of it with NuCalm.

Jet Lag

With jet lag, your body’s personal clock doesn’t match the day/night cycle of the place you are visiting. Because our body’s are tuned by both mechanisms, this mismatch makes it hard to sleep and can greatly reduce your energy and enjoyment during work and vacation travel. NuCalm can help by using your body’s natural steps to sleep to help reset your clock when you travel, reducing the impact of jet lag. Jet pilots, who have the highest risk of jet lag and probably the highest stakes for feeling fatigued, have benefited from the use of NuCalm.

Athletic Performance

NuCalm helps athletes overcome many of the obstacles that can stand in the way of achieving peak performance. First, it helps them put aside past events like last week’s game or competition and focus on the upcoming challenge. It also provides exceptional relaxation that can help muscles relax and recover so they’re more fit for the next demand. And it helps them deal with all the stresses on-field and off that come with being a high-level athlete.

Stress Relief

Athletes aren’t the only ones who have to deal with high levels of stress. About one in four people said their levels were high in the previous month, and about half said they experienced a very stressful event in the previous year. Most of us are dealing with moderate to high levels of stress, and it seems to be increasing all the time.

NuCalm can help by giving you some stress-free time. When you are using NuCalm, you just can’t feel stress. And when you’re done, you likely have a better perspective on what was stressing you out before, making you better able to deal with it.


Removing stress can help you be less distracted and better able to focus on the things that you need to do. When you’re in a meeting related to a complex business decision or a major sales pitch, your mind needs to be in that meeting, too, not dealing with unrelated issues. Like meditation, NuCalm helps your conscious mind get control and emphasize the things that are really important right now, putting aside other issues for a better time to address them.

And many of these benefits are experienced by dental patients who use NuCalm to help them get the most out of their dental visits. To learn how NuCalm can help you, please contact a local NuCalm dentist today for a consultation.