In clutch situations, pressure tends to rise.
Now you can rise to the occasion.

In The Zone, On Demand.

With so much riding on your performance, you can’t afford to let your team down. Enter NuCalm.

Whether you’re a top athlete, executive, or other high-achiever, NuCalm puts you in the zone, on demand. It allows you to ignore distractions and better focus on the task at hand, so you can perform under pressure – gracefully.

With NuCalm, you won’t just deal with pressure, you’ll feed off it. So you can stay at the top of your game.



Hard training is wasted if it’s not smart training. NuCalm helps you reap more reward from your routine.

Whether your training is physical or mental, it depends on memory. Your brain and nerves need to incorporate the lessons of training into muscle memory or a mental map. This encoding process takes place mostly during REM sleep. NuCalm right after training puts you in a near-sleep relaxation space that prepares the memory for encoding. It also helps you maximize your healthy sleep that night so you get the most out of your training routine.

Win or lose today, you must prepare for next time. NuCalm helps restore mental and physical readiness.

Many people can prepare themselves for maximum performance once. But to be truly elite, you have to be capable of serial greatness. You never know what you will have to do on any given day, so you have to be ready for every given day. It helps you achieve emotional balance and context so you don’t carry a sense of failure or overconfidence. NuCalm helps physical recovery by triggering a cellular reboot and aligning your inflammation and recovery response for optimal healing.

You need focus to achieve your best. NuCalm helps eliminate distractions so you can be wholly in the moment.

We all have reasons to achieve, but sometimes those reasons can be distractions. NuCalm helps eliminate those distractions. It brings the brain and body into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. This leads to deep, diaphragmatic breathing, allowing for maximum oxygen levels. It enriches red blood cells and nourishes vital organs. More blood flows to the pre-frontal and frontal cortex, leading to enhanced mental focus and clarity and increased brain elasticity.