Improving Athletic Performance and Recovery

An Expert Weighs In

One of NuCalm’s former skeptics, Dr. David Walters, DO, PhD has become one of the biggest advocates for using NuCalm for better recovery, strength, sleep, and energy.

In this case study, Dr. Walters explains how he proves NuCalm’s effectiveness for optimal sleep and recovery, and gains three extra waking hours each day, while he doubles his training regimen, and decreases recovery time.

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Dr. David Walters uses data to become a NuCalm believer.

As a leading integrative physician trained in a wide range of cutting-edge healing modalities, he is also a highly accomplished athlete who regularly competes at the highest levels in Crossfit. Oh, by the way, he’s in his sixties and experiencing the best health of his life.

Dr. Walters recommends that anyone wanting to reduce stress, achieve higher quality sleep, improve their overall health, and increase their physical performance and recovery, should consider NuCalm, and use it every day.