This is a great time for racing fans. The Formula 1 season just kicked off a couple weeks ago with the Australian Grand Prix, held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. The top prize was taken by Sebastian Vettel in his Ferrari-built car, traveling nearly 200 miles in just under an hour and a half, with his fastest lap averaging over 140 mph. The ability to maintain speeds of that level through 58 laps is an amazing feat and it requires a high performance machine–including the driver and the crew that works with the machine.

And we can learn a lot about improving performance from Formula 1 racing. Here are just three key lessons.

Performance Lessons from F1 Racing | Perform Better

Be Efficient

Formula 1 race cars don’t have to be efficient in the sense that efficiency standards are imposed on traditional cars. Each car is allowed to consume about 38 gallons of fuel in the course of a race, which means they get less than five miles per gallon.

However, Formula 1 racers do have another efficiency requirement. Each car is allowed to use only the fuel that it starts the race with. These days, cars are not allowed to add more fuel at any point during the race. Every car starts with the same amount of fuel. So the cars have to be able to run the race with that amount of fuel and get the maximum amount of propulsion from that fuel. With the same amount of fuel, the car that wins will be the one that can get the most propulsion from its fuel, the most efficient.

To be efficient, Formula 1 race cars have to be tuned to perfection. They have very tight tolerances for operation, and all the systems have to work together in absolute precision. If you want to perform at your highest level, you also have to be tuned to perfection. All your systems have to work together perfectly. NuCalm helps you achieve this. With NuCalm, your body gets tuned, and all its systems get synchronized together, so they can work more efficiently.

Take Shorter Pit Stops

Even though Formula 1 cars don’t need to stop for fuel, they do need to stop for tires, and these stops can potentially make the difference between winning and losing. With just fractions of a second separating some of the places in the race, the time in the one, two, or three pit stops taken during a race can make the difference. So crews have worked hard to cut the time taken in a pit stop to well under three seconds, and sometimes under 2!

You can also improve your performance by reducing the time required for your pit stops. Nothing you do can add hours to your day. All you can do is maximize the hours that you have. One way to do that is to get more rest in less time. NuCalm helps you do that. With NuCalm, you can get the benefit of around two hours of sleep in just about 20 minutes. That’s a big difference in time commitment. Although NuCalm can’t replace sleep completely, there’s a reason why Tony Robbins counts on NuCalm to energize when he has little time to spare: it works better than sleep for short breaks.

Stress Is a Killer on Your Components

Although there are many aspects of Formula 1 racing we want to emulate, there’s definitely one we don’t want to imitate: the way the races are hard on the components. Although normal tires are designed to last for tens of thousands of miles, Formula 1 tires last for less than 100 miles. That’s because the stress of the speeds and the track are so hard on them that they can’t last any longer.

And it’s not just the tires that suffer. In order to maximize efficiency, the engines run at very high temperatures, which can cause the engines to wear out very fast. Each driver is allowed to use three engines over the course of the 21-race season. That means that each engine lasts for only about 1400 miles of racing.

We all know that stress can be really hard on us, too. So the challenge is to perform at a high level without being stressed. NuCalm lets you control stress. It makes it easy for you to forget yesterday’s events and focus on today’s challenges. You learn to deal with the things you can control and not worry about the ones you can’t. Maximum performance. Minimum stress.

Maximize Your Performance with NuCalm

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