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Who has 2 hours a day to get themselves right? With PowerNap, 20 minutes is all you need.

Press Play on PowerNap.

Use POWERNAP with:

NuCalm Mobile App

Your Best Headphones

A Comfortable Eye Mask

If you could nap when you wanted to, PowerNap wouldn’t exist. But you can’t, so it does.

The ability to quickly recharge your brain and body on demand is the superpower of the 23rd century. Building momentum in today’s fast paced world is hard, and keeping it up is even harder.

Experience the power of a well balanced brain.

PowerNap works without drugs, in harmony with your body’s natural parasympathetic nervous system, using complex neuroscience and technology to achieve one simple goal – deep relaxation and restoration. PowerNap supercharges your mind and body to take on the rest of your day with focus, optimism, and energy.

NuCalm PowerNap for Rapid Rest and Recovery
NuCalm PowerNap Channel Overview

Experience the power of a well balanced brain.

Rest is essential to your body’s recovery systems, and rest is much more than just periods of inactivity. PowerNap does more than help you relax, it gently downshifts your brain’s frequencies, guiding you effortlessly to the deepest levels of recovery and cellular restoration. In this state, your brain engages your parasympathetic nervous system to slow down adrenaline and cortisol, which make a truly restful state so difficult to achieve in the first place.


Daily use of PowerNap will reduce your stress, balance your hormones, help with your mood and digestion, and allow your body to relax and prepare for sleep at bedtime. In addition, you will notice that you will process stress differently. For example, things that used to agitate you, won’t. You will be more responsive and patient with stressors, as opposed to reactive and emotionally sabotaged.

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How to use PowerNap

PowerNap is an immersive experience. Find a safe, comfortable place to lay down, put on an eye mask and your best headphones, select your PowerNap journey on the NuCalm mobile app, press play, and enjoy.

Use PowerNap each day, between wake up and 3 hours before your bedtime, but ideally between 12pm and 4pm. Use PowerNap when you don’t have enough time for a Rescue journey. You can use PowerNap more than once per day. Do not use PowerNap within 3 hours of your bedtime because you may feel too energized to fall asleep at bedtime.

Ready to add PowerNap to your NuCalm Journey?

Our products are designed to be flexible enough to power your on-the-go, daily life, so you can curate the exact experience you need. PowerNap is available as a part of the following NuCalm plans.

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NuCalm is clinically, and most importantly,
customer proven

Read reviews from real people whose have experienced the life-changing power of NuCalm first hand.

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The Patented Biosignal Processing Disc 

Your body is an electrical conduit filled with conductive saline. Our Patented Biosignal Processing Discs create an electical feedback loop directly to your brain, using frequency resonance to calm your autonomic nervous system and prime your body and mind for recovery.

What’s in It?

Our Biosignal Processing Discs contain ZERO drugs. The design you see on the outside houses small bits of copper that hold an very light electrical charge.

How Does it Work?

When Applied to the Pericardium 6 accupressure point, the charge in the disc is activated by your body’s Gauss Field, the natural electromagnetic field that surrounds every human. Once activated, the disc produces a frequency that instructs your brain to begin creating the Neurotransmitter GABA.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely 100% Safe for pets, children, plants, or any living thing. The minute charge in the discs cannot shock you. GABA is already present in your body, and is safe at any level, its primary purpose is to supress your autonomic nervous system (stress response) and help you begin to relax.

To learn the complete science behind our patented Biosignal Processing Discs Click Here