In the summer of 2017, Rick Richey approached his friend and business partner Aaron Drogoszewski with the idea of creating a facility that focused on recovery, providing everyday people with the opportunity to benefit from the same high-level recovery tools and technologies used by many of the world’s elite athletes. Aaron immediately agreed, and within 48 hours he and Rick were working with real estate agents to scout spaces in Manhattan in which to locate the state-of-the-art studio they envisioned. In March 2018, their vision manifested as RēCOVER, the world’s first full-purpose boutique recovery studio.

Located on Seventh Avenue in lower midtown Manhattan, RēCOVER offers many of the same services and technologies used by professional athletes such as the New York Knicks, who, fittingly, play their home games in nearby Madison Square Garden.

Described in a New York Times profile of RēCOVER as “some of the most skilled and personable personal trainers” in New York City, Rick and Aaron are both certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and have years of experience educating other trainers. They are also both highly skilled massage therapists, and accomplished practitioners of various martial arts. They have both also worked with numerous high-profile athletes and other celebrities, and have been business partners for nearly a decade. In addition, Rick recently obtained his doctorate in the Health Science and Exercise Leadership program at California University of Pennsylvania.

“I saw what they have access to,” Rick says, “and I asked myself why everybody else doesn’t have access to it. Why do you have to play for the Knicks to have access to some of the cool things that they have access to?”

The  Today Show Relaxes at RECOVER NYC:

The idea for RēCOVER originally occurred to Rick from his work with several professional athletes. “I saw what they have access to,” Rick says, “and I asked myself why everybody else doesn’t have access to it. Why do you have to play for the Knicks to have access to some of the cool things that they have access to? I started playing with the idea of having something for the public that was a mix between an athletic training space and a spa, with the athletic training space having the same kind of technologies that are available to elite professional athletes, housed within a clean and sharp environment.”

Once Rick shared his vision with Aaron, they sprang into action. “We built RēCOVER as quickly as possible,” Aaron says. “We started doing our research and figured out how we wanted to make it happen, we got some people excited, and here we are today.”

Meeting the Challenges of Being First to Market

The entrepreneurial landscape is littered with first-to-market ventures that failed to succeed, even when the concepts behind them were good ones, only to have other companies enter into the same space later and find success. Aaron and Rick were determined not to fall into that category of first-to-market failure, even though, as Aaron admits, “we kind of put the cart ahead of the horse,” by working with real estate agents to locate a space before other key elements fell into place.

“Our biggest obstacle in the beginning was the fact that we were launching the world’s first fully comprehensive recovery studio,” Aaron says. “There are other businesses that offer maybe one or two of the modalities or technologies that RēCOVER offers, such as places to go for a sauna treatment or cryotherapy. That’s how those places are branded. But our model didn’t exist before us.”

Confident in themselves and their vision, the partners put together their business plan. “The numbers looked good,” Aaron continues, “so we started going to investors. Nineteen out of the 20 investors we approached said, ‘This looks amazing, but where’s your proof of concept?’ We explained that there wasn’t one because nothing like RēCOVER had ever been done before. So, we were told, even though they thought we had an amazing idea, they weren’t willing to put money into something that didn’t have a proof of concept. They weren’t willing to gamble on it.”

As it turned out, not everyone was a naysayer. “The 20th investor we approached told us that as an investor he believed in us so much that he was willing to invest in us. He told us he still didn’t understand our business model, but said, ‘I’ve seen you operate in the past and I know if you say you can make it work, you will. I trust you.’ And that gave us the capital to get the doors open.”

The next step lay in deciding what technologies and services RēCOVER should offer. “The first thing was easy,” Rick says. “It was compression sleeves because it’s something that people are already familiar with. We knew we wanted to have them available because they definitely provide benefit and aren’t too expensive.” He and Aaron tried a number of compression sleeve products and chose the NormaTec line for RēCOVER. NormaTec compression sleeves and overall compression system uses a patented, pulsed technology of compressed air to massage limbs, mobilize lymph fluid, reduce muscle soreness, and improve circulation, resulting in faster recovery.

Once Rick and Aaron decided on including NormaTec as part of the RēCOVER experience, they turned their attention to researching other product offerings. “Aaron did a deep dive researching what’s out there, what works, and what we would most want to include,” Rick says,

One of the points Rick likes to make clear about RēCOVER and the services and technologies it provides is that he and Aaron focus on “the who, when, and why, over the what.” He explains, “I make sure to point out to new clients that, when we say RēCOVER is the world’s first fully comprehensive studio, the fact that we have more technologies and services to offer under one roof than anyone else has ever had before–which we do–isn’t as important as our primary focus. Businesses that are focused on one thing, such as sauna therapy, are exclusively focused on the what. Focusing on the who, when, and why first means determining who needs to RēCOVER, and then when and why they should do so. It’s pretty self-evident that athletes need to RēCOVER so we knew we needed tools and services for them.”

RēCOVER’s target demographic is much larger than athletes alone, though. “When we were making plans for RēCOVER I was a fairly new dad,” Aaron says, “and I recognized that there are times when I couldn’t care less about my athletic recovery. When I go home I want to be the best dad possible. And when I’m tired or stressed, it takes away from that. So, I started thinking about who else fits that profile. Business professionals, for one.

“Rick and I realized there is a market of people that had never been given acknowledgment for their performance demands and stresses. We knew we needed to find tools that reduce stress beyond just athletic stress. We want to give people the option and the map and the service that enables them to build the best lives for themselves by mitigating their performance stressors. So, we started digging even deeper to find the best tools to do that.

“RēCOVER is the only place in New York City where the public can access those tools, which speaks for itself. How many people get to say that they’re the first to do anything in New York, or that they’re the first to bring something new here? That’s how our vision came to fruition, by first deciding who we are servicing, and then choosing what tools we were going to use to provide that service.”

The faith Rick and Aaron had in their vision for RēCOVER quickly proved to be justified. Not only has the studio been operationally profitable from the very first month that it opened, its revenue has grown nearly every single month since then. “We had one month where we didn’t grow, but we’ve never taken a loss,” Aaron reports. “We’re constantly growing.”

In addition, since opening its doors in March 2018, RēCOVER has already garnered favorable coverage in major media, both national and within New York City. In addition to the New York Times, RēCOVER and the many benefits it offers its clients has been touted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Runners World, Fast Company, and Shape magazine, among other print media, and been featured on ABC7, the New York City affiliate station of the ABC News network.

Still, neither partner currently receives income from RēCOVER, with all monies coming in being used to further maintain, grow, and market the business. Beyond the initial investment they received, “Rick and I are bootstrapping this entire thing 100 percent,” Aaron says.

They are also both putting in long hours, getting to RēCOVER before it opens to the public each day and often staying long after the last client of the day goes home. On top of which they still find time to manage their other business interests and work as professional trainers, as well as hosting their free weekly podcast OMNIA Fitness With Rick and Drogo (Aaron’s nickname), in which they share their expertise, open up about their personal challenges and experiences, and interview other leading fitness and wellness experts.

The RēCOVER Experience

RēCOVER’s uniqueness in the marketplace is obvious from the moment you first visit. Everything about its layout and design accentuates the threefold goals Rick and Aaron have for their clients: RēStore (addressing athletic and fitness demands), RēBoot (addressing stress management needs), and RēShape (addressing weight loss). Rick and Aaron are both available to greet first-time visitors to answer their questions, explain the purpose and benefits of the services and technologies RēCOVER offers, and to get to know each person’s specific goals and needs from a recovery standpoint.

New clients can choose to sign up for memberships or opt for an a la carte experience. Most clients are currently opting for an a la carte approach, choosing one or more services and technologies to work with, each of which is reasonably priced. For added convenience, appointments can quickly and easily be made online through the RēCOVER website.

Package combination treatments are also available, based on client need. Targeted client concerns such as stress, sleep, weight loss, muscle soreness, cognition, performance enhancement, joint/tissue tweaks, and cellular cleansing are all available as package treatments, which range from an hour to approximately 90 minutes, depending on the package combination selected.

The range of services and technologies available at RēCOVER are also cutting edge. In addition to NormaTec compression treatments, they include ice compression with Game Ready, electrical muscle stimulation, hydromassage, infrared sauna therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), CVAC, and NuCalm.

Since many people are not familiar with some or all of the cutting-edge tools and technologies RēCOVER offers their clients, a closer look at each of them is warranted.


In addition to the above mentioned tools and services, RēCOVER was one of the first businesses in the public health space to offer NuCalm sessions. This decision has been beneficial to not only RēCOVER’s bottom line, but also to Aaron and Rick on a personal level.

On a professional level, NuCalm has proven to be RēCOVER’s most popular treatment offering, and has been a primary focal point in much of the media coverage the studio has received. For example, the subtitle of the New York Times profile on RēCOVER (How to Recover Like an Elite Athlete, NY Times, July 9, 2018) was entitled “What if your training session began with a nap?” The writer of the article described her NuCalm session as “heaven”, and wrote of her overall experience at RēCOVER, “I felt lively and energetic, clean from the inside out, as if I had eaten steamed vegetables for a few days, and I never once felt sore the next day.”

NuCalm has also proven to be a selling point for first time visitors considering whether or not to explore its services.

“One question that people ask when we tell them about NuCalm is why would they want to pay for a nap,” Rick says. “I tell them that to pay for a nap when they can take one at home for free is asinine. That’s when we talk with them about stress and restorative sleep versus taking a nap. The way that NuCalm and our other services are provided allows us to sell them. We offer a 30-minute NuCalm session for $45. A lot of times people come in because they want to experience something. RēCOVER is not like a gym. You don’t go to a gym to experience something, you go there because you have a goal you’re trying to get to and you have to sign up for a membership. RēCOVER is different, which is why we offer ala carte pricing.”

Returning to the question he and Rick receive about paying for a nap, Aaron adds that he follows that up with a question of his own. “I ask if they’ve ever taken a nap and then found the rest of the day is ruined because they feel groggy all day. I explain that’s because they weren’t able to complete their sleep cycle. If you dip into the delta brain wave state and that’s interrupted your day is shot. I felt like that every time I took a nap, so before NuCalm I chose not to nap because I was afraid of how much worse I was going to feel afterward.

“With NuCalm, people have a better option, because NuCalm prevents you from having that interrupted delta experience. It keeps you in that sweet spot between alpha and theta to provide a deep level of restoration. That’s a selling point for people that come in here.”

Aaron learned about NuCalm more than a year before Rick came to him with the idea to start RēCOVER. He first heard about it on one of the podcasts he listens to that talked about its benefits, then learned that it was something that Tony Robbins uses and endorses. One of Aaron’s clients and close friends is also a close friend with someone who travels with Robbins much of the time. Aaron asked his friend to contact this man. “I asked him to reach out to find out if this was just BS or if NuCalm did what they claimed,” Aaron recounts. “He was told that it did and that both Robbins and the other man loved NuCalm and used it all the time. This was when there was no financing available, but after being told that I just knew I wanted NuCalm for myself. But I also had home repairs my wife wanted to get done, so I had to put getting NuCalm on the shelf.”

Instead of first purchasing his own NuCalm system, Aaron mentioned it to another friend and client of independent means, who acquired it for himself based on Aaron’s recommendation. “Once he got it, I asked him how he liked it and he told me it was incredible, so I asked if I could borrow it. Once I experienced it for myself, that sealed the deal. I knew I needed to find a way to pull the trigger on it.” The opportunity to do so came when Aaron and Rick received their initial investment funding to launch RēCOVER, at which time they purchased three units for use at the studio. Since then, they have added additional units.

Today, both Rick and Aaron use NuCalm on a regular basis. “I NuCalm at least once a day,” Aaron says. “And now that we have the 20-minute Power Nap track, that has been a godsend because I can get the benefits of restoration and then also have time to still get done what I need to get done. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel for me, in that I know I’m going to feel better when I’m done. It gives me the motivation to do what I need to do, not only because I feel better, but because it reinforces for me the value of what we are offering here at RēCOVER that can really help change people’s lives. I am the walking embodiment of our target audience, and I know that now I’ve got a life raft in front of me. If I don’t have the energy or motivation I need, I’ve got something to look forward to. I’m going to sit down and do NuCalm. That makes my day a lot more approachable, and puts the snap back in my step, which is priceless.”

Rick echoes Aaron’s sentiments about NuCalm, and also relates how much it helped him deal with jet lag. “I remember going to Indonesia before RēCOVER opened, and when I came back from the long flight home I felt like I was in a fog for 11 days. I knew I was going to get over it, but while I was dealing with it my inner monologue was saying, am I going to feel like this forever? I felt terrible and couldn’t stand it.

“This past summer, I again flew to Asia, this time to Thailand. Not only that, but when I returned I had to leave again within 24 hours to speak at a conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. And I just did a 20-minute session with NuCalm when I landed back from Thailand. That was it. Then I flew to Arizona and despite all that travel I felt groggy for just a day. Having NuCalm as an intervention after that last long trip made a spectacular difference for me. I think that’s a significant experience, given the way my body used to react to those long trips.”

NuCalm Proves To Be A Boom For Business

“It’s difficult to put a monetary value on NuCalm,” Rick says when discussing how having NuCalm available at RēCOVER has positively impacted their business. “If I was an individual having trouble with stress and anxiety on a regular basis I would definitely drop the money on
acquiring NuCalm for myself. And that’s the great thing about RēCOVER. You don’t have to spend that kind of money to experience NuCalm, you simply schedule a session at your leisure. That’s really what we are doing here. We buy the technology and we give people access to things
that they wouldn’t normally have access to.”

“So, was it worth investing in NuCalm for us as a business? Yes, for sure, it’s been a value. I think we did the right thing purchasing the number of units that we did initially and building up to where we are now. NuCalm is the top moving product or service that we have at RēCOVER.”

“To piggyback on that,” Aaron adds, “for people thinking about opening a business and the pricing on NuCalm, there’s the short view in looking at the linear return on investment and how much revenue that is generated via NuCalm sessions, but then people need to step back and take a longer view as far as how much money they intend to spend on PR. When you start to factor in the amount of PR that NuCalm has generated for us, I’d like to pat ourselves on the back and say it’s because of the full model for RēCOVER, which it is, but more often than not, when we are covered in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and so on, the vast majority of time the journalists come in and say tell us about NuCalm, and then tell us about everything else.”

Asked why he thinks that interest in NuCalm is the media’s primary question when they first visit RēCOVER, Aaron says he thinks it’s because of the outcomes generated by a NuCalm session. “When you read that it’s a patented, FDA-approved, Class III medical device, that right there captures your attention. Then, when people learn that NuCalm provides the equivalent of two to three hours of restorative sleep in 30 minutes, it’s a done deal at that point. You get people’s attention. Whether it’s athletes, business professionals, moms, every single one of them falls short, or falls victim to their performance suffering because of stress, lack of sleep, or both, especially in New York City. People need restorative sleep, and anybody who sees that NuCalm gives them the potential to capture that jumps on it. I think that’s why all these media sources are so interested in NuCalm. They say it’s never been done before and want to know how it works. More importantly, they want to feel it and try it for themselves.”

NuCalm’s ability to provide the equivalent of hours of restorative sleep so quickly is what Aaron and Rick find to be its most powerful valuable proposition for RēCOVER’s clientele, even more so than its proven benefits for stress remediation and pain management.

“People don’t proudly talk about how stressed they are or about their anxiety levels,” Rick points outs. “But a lot of people come in and readily tell us they just don’t get enough sleep. Mitigating that lack of restorative sleep is the value most people are coming in and seeing when they first come in through the door.”

Aaron adds that NuCalm is an “easy sell” to first time visitors to RēCOVER. “The first layer of explanation is pretty straightforward,” he explains. “We just cite that NuCalm is an FDA-approved, Class III medical device that provides two to three hours or restorative sleep in 30 minutes.” Explaining elements like the transcranial stimulation, brain waves, and NuCalm’s other components isn’t difficult either, he says. “Especially with the materials the company[Solace Lifesciences] provides, as well as the book A New Calm.”

Interesting Client Experiences

Rick and Aaron find that letting first-time visitors know what to expect from NuCalm is also key.

“Some people come in with mismanaged expectations,” Aaron says. “They expect to be out cold. So, the first thing I do when someone first comes in is to ask them what they know about NuCalm and what they hope to get out of it. 99 percent of the time they tell me they want to be less stressed or want to feel relaxed. I tell them that’s good, because if they are expecting to be asleep using NuCalm that isn’t going to happen. NuCalm doesn’t want you there, out cold. I let people know the experience is like the deepest meditation or lucid dream state. And after they try NuCalm for the first time the response from most people is, ‘Oh my God, that was amazing.’

And after they try NuCalm for the first time the response from most people is, ‘Oh my God, that was amazing.’

“One user’s experience that definitely stands out for me is when two gentlemen came in. One of them was a typical client, while the other guy seemed a bit out of it, so I asked him if everything was okay. He said the only reason he was going to do NuCalm was because he’d already paid for a session, but he wanted me to know he thought it was a waste of his time because he’d just received a call telling him that his brother had been in a car accident. He found that out just before he came to RēCOVER. He said his brother was all right but was in the ER right at that moment and that he would probably need surgery, so he was a bit shaken up. Still, since he’d already paid, he wanted to do the session.”

“He’d paid for a 30-minute session but I let him do 40 minutes because I figured a guy like that could use a few extra minutes. When the session was done he just sat there for a moment and looked at me. He said, ‘That was amazing. Not only did I forget for intermittent spaces of time what happened to my brother, but when I was fully aware that he had just been in a car accident I had peace with it. And now that I’m done I feel like a different person, and feel I’m ready to handle the gravity of what happened. I’m not nearly as shaken up as I was before, so thank you so much for offering me this, because I feel like I would have been a mess otherwise.'”

Another interesting experience occurred when a woman who was a sleep specialist from New York University showed up with a friend to try NuCalm. “She has a PhD and had heard about NuCalm from a personal trainer who trains at one of my gyms,” Rick says. “I told them about the science behind it, and then I got her friend set up so I could explain to her what I was doing. Then I set her up for a session, as well.”

“At the end of her session, I came back. She already had her headphones and eye mask off, and I asked her how was experience. She said it was good, so I asked her how long she thought the session had lasted. She said 15 minutes. I told her it had lasted for 57 minutes. She was stunned. Her friend’s session was still going and she went over and pulled her out of it. Her friend asked her what was going on and the sleep specialist asked her how long she thought the session had lasted. Her friend said she didn’t know, ‘maybe 15 or 20 minutes’. And I said no, it was 59 minutes. And then they looked at each other, and they said What? back and forth. It was funny actually, to see that.”

What was most notable was the change in the woman’s demeanor. “When she first came in she was all business,” Rick continues, “letting me know she was a doctor and shaking my hand. When she left, she was giving hugs to everyone. She was just hugging people. This was a significant turnaround from somebody who initially acted as if nothing surprising happened to her, to realize that she was truly taken somewhere spectacular.”

Working with Solace Lifesciences

Summing up his and Rick’s experience with NuCalm and working with its parent company, Solace Lifesciences, Aaron says, “I would definitely recommend NuCalm to other businesses. As far as working with Solace Lifesciences, it’s been incredible from day one. Both Jim and David Poole [company executives] have made themselves available from the start with the onboarding process of understanding the science behind NuCalm and the benefits it provides. I’m a quick study, yet I am also very quick to ask questions, and when I have one I call them up and always get the answers I’m looking for. I don’t think I otherwise would have the tools that I currently do as far as how to market and approach the service side of NuCalm. The Pooles and their team do a great job providing ongoing materials, including their newsletter and case studies, and the passion that they demonstrate through my interactions with them is something that you really don’t see very often with other vendors for any other technologies or services.”

“As far as the technology goes, as long as people understand what their market is, I think incorporating NuCalm into their business is a no-brainer.”

Compression Therapy

The NormaTec compression sleeves used at RēCOVER provide pneumatic air compression that begins at the furthest part of the legs or arms, and then incrementally transitions that pressure to the other end of the limbs. Regularly used by elite athletes to aid in their recovery, compression therapy increases blood flow and the flow of lymphatic fluids, resulting in improved circulation and delivery of nutrients to the body’s cells, tissues, and organs, as well as improved elimination of waste by-products in muscles and tissues, while simultaneously enhancing muscle recovery after exercise.

While compression therapy is now being used in a growing number of gyms around the nation, typically they only offer it for leg treatments. At RēCOVER, compression therapy is available to treat not only the limbs, but also the pelvis and shoulders, further distinguishing its uniqueness in the market. “These are harder to come by,” Aaron points out. “And for people that have more acute inflammation, we have what is called a Game Ready unit, which includes both compression and ice therapy.”

Game Ready

Game Ready units are used by many orthopedic physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, elite athletes, and professional sports teams, as well as special military forces around the world because of Game Ready’s proven ability to dynamically accelerate and enhance recovery from muscle aches, pains, strains, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Unlike the standard formula of R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) used to relieve such conditions, Game Ready integrates intermittent pneumatic compression and cryotherapy to speed recovery. The unit’s built-in cryotherapy and the pneumatic compression it provides actively mimic natural “squeeze and release” muscle contractions, while at the same time stimulating the flow of oxygenated blood to targeted muscle and tissue areas. Game Ready treatments have been proven to reduce pain and swelling, reduce muscle spasms, enhance lymphatic function, improve cellular oxygen, and stimulate tissue repair.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation, also known as e-stim, or EMS, has been used for many years by physicians, chiropractors, physical and occupational therapists, and other pain specialists to help manage pain. Many top-level athletes also use e-stim technologies to help improve their training. With e-stim, electrical impulses are sent from a device to create involuntary muscle contractions.

The most common electrical stimulation tools in use today are TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units, which are available for both personal and clinical use to temporarily provide pain relief and as a treatment for both acute and chronic nerve related pain conditions. While most TENS units available for personal use provide some degree of relief for such conditions, the benefits they provide rarely last long once the units are turned off. RēCOVER uses a number of different and more sophisticated, FDA-approved e-stim devices that go far beyond TENS units in terms of the benefits they provide.

These top of the line e-stim units are all manufactured by leaders in the EMS field, including Compex, Mark Pro, and Power Dot. The stimulations from these units cause both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers to contract, and at different hertz (Hz) levels, they provide both performance and recovery benefits, including helping to prevent injury by warming up muscles, reducing muscle soreness, increasing muscle strength and endurance, increasing blood circulation, and improving overall physical training results. In addition, these muscle contractions improve nutrient distribution, and help recruit more muscle fibers than standard warm ups or workouts do. Moreover, these benefits last well beyond each treatment session.


First employed in medical and pain management clinics, hydromassage offers many of the same health benefits as manual massage therapy. These include relief from muscle aches, stiffness, and tension, as well as other minor pains, reduction of stress and anxiety, improved circulation throughout the body, and deep relaxation. The difference is that the process is entirely automated and uses heated water pressure and jets to move the water up and down your body, applying comfortable pressure as it does so to soothe away areas of tension and discomfort and to increase blood flow, leading to improved range of motion. Clients simply lie down on a hydromassage bed and allow the process to unfold.

At RēCOVER, clients have the significant added benefit of being overseen by Aaron or Rick, two of the world’s foremost massage therapists and personal trainers, to guide their experience and apply manual massage or percussion massage treatments if necessary.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared sauna therapy has been scientifically proven to be the best way to release fat-stored toxins from the body. (Fat cells and tissues are where much of the body’s toxic overload occurs because, in order to protect itself, the body encapsulates toxins in fat as a means of quarantining toxins from other cells and tissues.) Infrared sauna units emit a dry, radiant infrared heat, similar to one of the types of rays emitted by the sun, and the benefits they provide can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes spent inside the unit.

Infrared sauna therapy temporarily elevates the body’s core temperature in much the same way that your body will generate a fever to kill invading bacteria and viruses. As this occurs, fat cells begin to release toxins, which are then eliminated through the sweat glands due to the intense perspiration that the therapy induces. Research has shown that regular infrared sauna therapy can provide beneficial effects for a wide range of the body systems, including the cardiovascular, circulatory, endocrine (hormone), immune, neurological, muscular, and respiratory systems. Among the other benefits infrared sauna therapy has been shown to provide are improved circulation and increased oxygenation of cells and tissues, improved energy, improved immune function, and improved skin tone, elasticity, and reduction of cellulite. Studies have also shown that a single infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories.

At RēCOVER, clients have access to infrared sauna treatments inside units made by Sunlighten. These state-of-the-art units are the first and only saunas that employ near, mid and far infrared technology, providing users with the full spectrum of infrared health benefits that no other infrared units can offer. In addition, each of the units at RēCOVER offer both Netflix and Pandora, so that you can watch your favorite movie or listen to music. “That’s definitely a plus for some of our clients,” Aaron notes.


A growing body of research has established that the frequencies of the earth’s natural pulsed electromagnetic field are vital to human health. PEMF devices introduce these frequencies to the body, and are widely used by professional athletes because of how they stimulate and balance the body’s flow of energy, bringing the body into a more harmonious, energized state. PEMF therapy is approved by the FDA for a number of applications, including stimulating bone growth, healing bone fractures, and as a complementary therapy to cervical fusion therapy. Research has also established that PEMF therapy increases circulation, improves immune function, enhances energy levels, enhances muscle function and relief of muscle tension, improves oxygenation of blood and cells, reduces inflammation, improves nerve and liver function, improves detoxification, promotes better sleep, improves assimilation of nutrients, and reduces overall stress.

At RēCOVER clients have access to treatments using the BEMER therapy system, one of the world’s most highly regarded, top-of-the-line PEMF devices.


CVAC stands for Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™. While still little known to the public at large, CVAC is another cutting-edge technology employed by world class athletes, including Novak Djokovic, who attributed his success as one of the world’s elite professional tennis players, in part, to CVAC when he was profiled in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago.

CVAC treatments consist of reclining in an egg-shaped pressure chamber, or CVAC pod. Once inside, the device delivers from 200 to 400+ patterned cycles of low pressure. A proprietary proportioning system assures that only filtered fresh air is allowed into the pod. A high performance regenerative vacuum blower suctions air out of the pod, while the proportioning system continuously vents fresh air back into it.

There are three basic stressors that create a system of exercise in every CVAC session – temperature, air density, and pressure. The body naturally adapts to these stressors, which then enhance the body’s ability to adapt and thrive in a variety of conditions. Though users do nothing more than sit inside the pod as a treatment session unfolds, scientific studies have shown that CVAC sessions provide many of the same benefits as those produced by intense aerobic exercise and strength training. CVAC sessions also help improve the body’s ability to absorb oxygen more effectively. This is a natural outcome derived from the body’s adaptation to the three stressors (temperature, air density, and pressure).

Another important benefit that CVAC provides is its proven ability to improve lymphatic function and eliminate metabolic wastes and spinal fluid from the brain by improving the functioning of the brain’s glymphatic system. The glymphatic system acts in the brain much the same way that the lymphatic system operates for the rest of the body. Both systems filter out and eliminate waste by-products and unhealthy fluid buildup. Among CVAC’s positive benefits for the brain are improved cognition, reduction of “brain fog”, improved mood, and better sleep. Perhaps best of all, these benefits can be obtained in as little as 20 minutes inside the CVAC pod, making it an ideal treatment for busy people on the go.

Given the success Rick and Aaron have already achieved with RēCOVER they are excited about the future. “We’re constantly on the lookout for what comes next,” Rick says. “What we find interesting is that now we’re the people that others come to, to bring them what comes next for recovery, because we are the recovery space. So, if people want to validate their product they run it by us and ask us what we think of it, what we know about it. We’re inundated continually with new technologies that are out there. At the same time, though, we’re maintaining our focus on what we already have because it’s good. So, we are continuing to laser in on the products and services we have and driving people towards their benefits.”

“Rick and I are also continuing our podcast and establishing ourselves in terms of what we have done in the world of fitness as educators, trainers, and coaches,” Aaron adds. “We also continue to develop ourselves internally so that we become even more effective at educating people about recovery and how important it is. We are planning to create proprietary video content that our clients can have access to at RēCOVER so that they can learn more while they are receiving various treatments.”

“As Rick said, looking ahead for us is not so much about getting more stuff, it’s more about building our visibility and the excitement and education about RēCOVER, as well as building more visibility and excitement around ourselves as individuals, because this is who we are and what we were when we decided to bring RēCOVER to market. We want our clients to have a very approachable and personalized experience with us, so that they can trust us when they come in and we tell them the services we offer here will help change their lives for the better.”

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