It’s an unusual contest, but one that’s been growing in popularity: South Koreans in Seoul were trying to win the title of the most “spaced out.” The goal of this contest is to “Relax Your Brain,” and by spending the most time sitting still without looking at a smartphone, TV, computer, or even a watch. People also have to be able to regulate their heart rates, and the winner is chosen as the person who is best able to achieve and maintain a relaxed state.

Sitting in the Park on a Sunday Afternoon

The contest began in 2014, organized by some local artists. Since then it has grown in popularity and recognition, as this year’s contest received over 1500 applications from potential competitors. The 60 competitors that were chosen spent 90 minutes sitting in the sun on the grass in a public park.

Not all of them were dressed for the weather — temperatures approached 90 degrees — but the contestants included small children and middle-aged men in business suits. People are not only banned from looking at electronic devices — they can’t eat, talk, or fall asleep.

Remarkably, many people were able to last the entire 90 minutes before the award of having the most stable heart rate was given to a local rapper, Shin Hyo-Seob, known as Crush to his fans. He attributes his victory in part to his extreme exhaustion: “I was so exhausted physically and mentally while preparing an album . . . I just wanted to relax for a while.”

The organizers of the event see their contest as more than just a simple competition. They see it as an important reminder that people have to try to get away from the technology that dominates modern life. South Korea has the highest concentration of smartphones per capita, with 80% of Koreans having the devices, and 15% of the population showing signs of addiction to texting, tweeting, and other activities.

Award-Winning Relaxation in a Dental Chair

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