Not your typical mood-enhancing app.
This is neuroscience.

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NuCalm is the only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to manage stress and improve sleep quality – without drugs or side effects.

For over 10 years NuCalm has been helping people get through high-anxiety situations with neuroscience, not drugs.

NuCalm‘s patented, clinically-proven neuroscience therapeutic solution has been used to scientifically and predictability help relieve anxiety (and …) in settings such as dental surgeries, airline pilots, professional sports teams, and cancer patients. With millions of dollars in research and development, NuCalm typically costs thousands of dollars to purchase and is used by prescribing doctors and clinical settings

With the recent changes happening around the world with COVID-19, we felt the need to make a NuCalm product that is more accessible to the masses and help bring some relief.

We want to help you and your family be resilient and healthy physically and emotionally. Though we can’t offer it for free, we have a special offer for you at a fraction of the price of our clinical NuCalm system.


“During these uncertain times, I’m certain about one thing – being calm & creative is what I need to be. These days, NuCalm has gone from being a go-to tool to my new best friend. Each session is a mental make-over, and I soon find myself thinking fresh and inspired thoughts. When I or anyone in my family loses perspective, someone inevitably says, ‘Time to NuCalm!’ Can’t think of a better mantra than that! Times like these demand solutions like NuCalm.”

– Brother Craig Marshall, 35-year yoga monk & co-founder of Mindful “U”

NuCalm Relief targets three main areas that we all need to maximize during this worldwide health emergency:

Strengthen Immunity

NuCalm improves your immune strength and resilience

When you’re stressed, your body’s adrenal glands release cortisol. Read More Long term stress and cortisol release gradually weakens your immune system so that it’s unable to protect your body as well as it should.

NuCalm predictably interrupts and shuts down the stress response and cortisol release so your body can return to its natural and balanced state. Because NuCalm not only stops the stress response but also maintains the body’s natural balance; it strengthens the immune system, speeds recovery and helps users fight off illness more effectively.

Stress Management

NuCalm shuts down stress naturally without drugs

Stress can increase negative thoughts and feelings. Read More These thoughts and feelings can negatively impact how we think, feel and act.

NuCalm acts as a reset button that calms and focuses the mind as it helps the body recover. It disables stress at its source—within the brain—and guides users to their optimal recovery rate. While NuCalm can’t change how harmful COVID-19 is, NuCalm can help people be less stressed and worried so they can focus on caring for themselves and their loved ones better.