Coming Soon: ReNu. Professional stress relief made accessible to everyone.

The same powerful stress-relief used by the world’s top athletes, executives, and medical professionals will soon be available to consumers in ReNu, a portable version of NuCalm’s patented, all-natural technology. ReNu will integrate NuCalm’s clinically-proven, four-part system into a single easy-to-use, wearable product at an affordable price.



Change the script on stress wherever you go.

Whether traveling for business or an away game or tournament, or simply visiting difficult relatives over the holidays, ReNu promises to be a convenient and indispensable way to feel better, perform better, and live better – anywhere, anytime.

And patients seeking stress relief won’t need to wait for an appointment or go to a health provider’s office to avail themselves of NuCalm’s clinically-proven solution.

ReNu: 4 NuCalm Therapies, One Wearable Product

ReNu will integrate NuCalm’s patented, all-natural technology into a compact, portable system that’s easy to use. It will include all four NuCalm therapies in greatly streamlined form: a wearable, light-blocking neurostimulator, a mobile app of neuroacoustic software you can play on your existing phone or other device, and supplements – either chewable tablets or a topical cream.

The beauty of it is that it will allow you to use the mobile devices you normally employ to stay connected in order to temporarily disconnect. Think of it as the recharger for the mobile device that is you.

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ReNu is currently in development and scheduled to be released within the year.

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