NuCalm is not a theoretical technology: it is a proven method for changing your life by calming your mind. NuCalm has been used by over 950,000 dental patients with over 95% satisfaction. NuCalm is also being used by 39 professional sports teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga. The Chicago Blackhawks credit NuCalm with helping them win the 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup Championships.

Experts in the fields of oncology, plastic surgery, addictive disease, psychotherapy, medical weight loss, private jet pilots, celebrities, and top executives use NuCalm to lower stress and improve performance. Here are some examples of people who have successfully used NuCalm to Feel Better, Perform Better, and Live Better.



“When my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, without hesitation I sent her the only gift I could think of that would make a difference. I gave her NuCalm. NuCalm is the one tool that helps her rest, relax, and regenerate. The power of what it can do is something every person fighting cancer should experience.”

Dr. Heidi Dickerson, President LVI Global

“NuCalm has been an important part of my journey to wellness. It allows me to fully rest, recover and heal after difficult treatments. More importantly, it allows me precious time during the day to give my mind and body a break.

When I use NuCalm, it’s the ONLY time I don’t think about cancer.”

Gail Zeemer

“Nice to hear from you.  The short answer is, we are very impressed with NuCalm and cannot imagine being without it. We use it twice a day (generally), usually by 9am and by 3pm.

We find it does everything we have been told or read about the product.

For the 24-hour race a couple of weeks ago, it was almost indispensable. We scheduled two drivers on it within 30min of coming out of the car. Each time their sessions lasted 40-45min. You were correct, there is always a natural endpoint, so everyone became comfortable with relaxing and letting things happen naturally. It was pretty interesting to us. With the involved drivers, for the entire 36hr period of being engaged at the track, they only needed four rest sessions with NuCalm of about 40min each. Beyond that they required no sleep or napping. There were six driver teams in our pit box during the race, so we were up close with many other drivers. Our team was wide awake, alert and ready for action and happy throughout. Other teams noticed. Of course, our  team was very well prepared physically and mentally, but even at the race conclusion and on to the awards ceremony at 7pm that night (hour 36) everyone felt great. We did well in the race, 3rd Place in class and 33 overall in 170 cars, so there is a bit of a natural high going on, but certainly no real underlying fatigue. This was proven again the following day, when normally the day after a 24h race it would be like a morgue around here. Everyone was going about their normal routines, but of course happy for a day off.  Pretty amazing actually by our count.

We also used Ignite a few times before going to the car during the 24. But not every time, mostly due to timing. One driver liked the Tony Robbins tracks, the other just the music. I think you told me the physics on all the tracks is the same, so it’s just a matter of what you want to hear or how you want to interact that creates the preference, I think. Yes? It for sure brings up the fury, particularly if you interact with it physically and vocally. Personally, I like it during normal off day training. We conduct a strong, daily belief system, self talk and focus program between races. Ignite works really well during these sessions. Overall, Ignite is very useful in training. Our next race is in just over a week and since we are adjusted to Ignite for training, we will likely put it forward in the pre-car plan and see how a driver’s stress level and heart rate compare.  I think I mentioned, a driver needs to be intense but calm at the same time and everyone achieves this through their own personal methods.

Really and truly, NuCalm is quite amazing. We have seen heart rate variability scores improve and we can report improved sleep and a general mood and demeanor improvement overall. Colors are more vivid it seems and oddly it seems more time is available during the day - that seems weird I know, but someone said that more than once in the last two weeks. All this is likely related to improved sleep. We have a lot of experience in sleep improvement, mostly unsuccessful, until now.

That’s about the size of things for us. We thank you for bringing this technology to market. It has become very valuable and important to us and we are just beginning to explore other ways it can help us, both in racing and in our normal waking life.”

John Shoffner, J2 Racing