NuCalm is not a theoretical technology: it is proven neuroscience for changing your life by calming your mind. NuCalm has been used by over 1 million dental patients with over 95% satisfaction. NuCalm is also being used by 42 professional sports teams across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, English Premier League, Serie A, and Spanish La Liga. The Chicago Blackhawks credit NuCalm with helping them win the 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup Championships.

Experts in the fields of oncology, plastic surgery, addictive disease, psychotherapy, medical weight loss, private jet pilots, celebrities, and top executives use NuCalm to lower stress and improve performance. Here are some examples of people who have successfully used NuCalm to Feel Better, Perform Better, and Live Better.


NuCalm Case Studies

Achieving Physical, Mental & Emotional Recovery at RēCOVER NYC

The idea for RēCOVER originally occurred to Rick from his work with several professional athletes. “I saw what they have access to,” Rick says, “and I asked myself why everybody else doesn’t have access to it. Why do you have to play for the Knicks to have access to some of the cool things that they have access to? I started playing with the idea of having something for the public that was a mix between an athletic training space and a spa, with the athletic training space having the same kind of technologies that are available to elite professional athletes, housed within a clean and sharp environment.”

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Improving Athletic Performance and Recovery

One of NuCalm’s former skeptics, Dr. David Walters, DO, PhD has become one of the biggest advocates for using NuCalm for better recovery, strength, sleep, and energy.

In this case study, Dr. Walters explains how he proves NuCalm’s effectiveness for optimal sleep and recovery, and gains three extra waking hours each day, while he doubles his training regimen, and decreases recovery time.

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NuCalm Journeys

The Force Behind Air Force Ken – How NuCalm Gave Ken His Life Back After a Traumatic Brain Injury

Major Ken Corigliano tried for one last triathlon before deploying to Iraq in 2011, but a car swerved into his bicycle, leaving him with severe injuries and brain trauma. The former U.S. Air Force athlete of the year would suffer for years before finding NuCalm, the technology he credits with “saving his life” by restoring his sleep, refocusing his mind, and helping normalize his body.

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Barbara Valentine Case Study

Meeting Cancer With Grace, Gumption & NuCalm

The evidence has long been overwhelming that Hollywood is a world in which female producers, directors, writers, and actors face far more difficult challenges and hurdles than their male counterparts. Yet none of that has ever stopped Barbara Valentine from going after her dreams and achieving great success as an award-winning producer, reporter, on-camera host, and multimedia executive. Despite the roadblocks she faced, especially early on in her multifaceted career, Barbara achieved all that she has because she is a woman in which there is “no quit”.

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Meditation & Wisdom of the East

In recent years, Craig has also become an advocate of NuCalm because of how quickly, easy, and predictably it enables him to access a state of consciousness or awareness that typically takes a long and regular practice of meditation to achieve. To that end, Craig also wrote the Preface for the book A New Calm, which tells the story of NuCalm’s development and explains its many benefits.

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Trauma, Tragedy & Triumph

Joseph “Blake” DeLoach, who is 30 years old, was born is a small rural town in South Carolina, not far from the U.S. Marine training base at Parris Island. From the time he was a young boy, Blake remembers having a deep love for the military. As a child, he dressed up in Army fatigues and playacted missions in his yard. “Even as a child I knew joining the military was what I was going to do,” Blake recounts, “and as soon as I came of age I tried to enlist in the Marines.”

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“NuCalm has been an important part of my journey to wellness. It allows me to fully rest, recover and heal after difficult treatments. More importantly, it allows me precious time during the day to give my mind and body a break.

When I use NuCalm, it’s the ONLY time I don’t think about cancer.”

-Gail Zeemer

“Really and truly, NuCalm is quite amazing. We have seen heart rate variability scores improve and we can report improved sleep and a general mood and demeanor improvement overall…

That’s about the size of things for us. We thank you for bringing this technology to market. It has become very valuable and important to us and we are just beginning to explore other ways it can help us, both in racing and in our normal waking life.”

-John Shoffner, J2 Racing

“When my best friend was diagnosed with cancer, without hesitation I sent her the only gift I could think of that would make a difference. I gave her NuCalm. NuCalm is the one tool that helps her rest, relax, and regenerate. The power of what it can do is something every person fighting cancer should experience.”

-Dr. Heidi Dickerson, President LVI Global