NuCalm Helps Cancer Patients Take Stress Out of Healing

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By Jim Poole, MBA, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences and Dr. G. Blake Holloway, M.Phil, ND, Founder, Inventor of NuCalm

Your sleep, diet, mood and energy level are all affected by the  amount of stress in your life. In fact, stress, more than anything else, has the greatest potential to sabotage  every aspect of your life, including your health, your relationships, your work, your productivity, your brain  function and cognitive abilities. Yet, despite all that we know about the importance of managing stress, as a  society we are more stressed than ever before. Alarmingly, we are more stressed today than we were during  the Great Depression when most people could not afford to feed their families. 

One of the biggest threats posed by chronic stress is a decline in your health and longevity. According  to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stress is the primary cause of 85% of all  disease. Research by health experts in the field of mind/body medicine, also known as  psychoneuroimmunology, indicates that the CDC’s figure may be too conservative. Former Stanford  University biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD, states that stress is a major factor in over 95% of all cases of  disease. How stress is perceived provides a clue as to what is really involved when stress causes  disease. In the majority of cases, it is not physical stress that is the main cause of disease, but mental and  emotional stress. According to Dr. Lipton, although we may be born with genetic predispositions  towards certain types of illnesses, Dr. Lipton states that it is actually our habitual thoughts and beliefs  (along with what we are exposed to in our environment), not our genes, that have the most influence  over whether we get sick or not. Each of us copes with stress in different ways, but the impact of stress on cells and internal systems is  universally damaging. It is critical to your health to effectively manage stress, maintain balance, and  increase stress resilience. With NuCalm®, stress management is as simple as flipping a switch. NuCalm  is the world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to lower stress and  improve sleep quality without drugs.

This technology gives you the power and control to slow down and recharge when you need to.  “NuCalm has proven to be a remarkably reliable tool for helping to modulate cortisol levels and inflammation.  NuCalm quickly takes people out of their catabolic breakdown mode and shifts them into a healthy build-up mode so  they can heal and recover as quickly as possible. When people are in a balanced nervous system state, they respond  instinctively instead of reacting impulsively, and thereby can perform at their highest level.” – Julie Burns, MS, RD,  CCN, Nutritionist for the Chicago Blackhawks and CEO of SportFuel, Inc. 

Consider the experience of being told you have a terminal illness, such as cancer. The stress, anticipatory anxiety, confusion, fear, anger, sense of helplessness, and fight-or-flight response consumes you immediately.  What happens to your emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual being as you fight cancer and try to  cope with chemotherapy and radiation. Solace Lifesciences, the neuroscience company that makes NuCalm,  works in partnership with the Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program led by Dr. Janet Hranicky, world renowned Psychoneuroimmunologist, to help cancer patients cope with stress. Effective stress management  through repeated NuCalm use can alter the psychoneuroendocrine regulation of the immune system to  improve the immunosuppressive status of patients. 

NuCalm predictably and quickly “flips the switch” from high cortisol and adrenaline to deep relaxation. This allows the body to activate the brain-heart-lung connection to optimize diaphragmatic  breathing, oxygen rich red-blood cell flow, optimal healing, and muscle recovery. NuCalm provides deep  relaxation throughout the body, minimizing the negative consequences of lactic acid build up and most  importantly, reduces inflammation and cytokine storms, which compromises the rate of healing. NuCalm  provides the neurophysiology and biochemistry necessary for improving sleep and managing circadian rhythm  dysfunction. By restoring autonomic nervous system balance, NuCalm rapidly and predictably restores the  body’s natural rhythms, allowing people to heal and perform at their best. 

Since October 2014, NuCalm has been a core therapy at the Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program in  West Palm Beach, Florida. Dr. Janet Hranicky shares her observations of NuCalm – “I have been incorporating  NuCalm in the Comprehensive Cancer Wellness Program because of its proven ability to remediate stress at the mid-brain level  without drugs or psychotherapeutic intervention. This technology reduces vagus nerve overstimulation, thus remediating nausea,  “chemo fog,” and improving sleep quality. There is extensive research in the literature that shows a strong correlation between stress, psychological factors, and cancer. Evidence exists linking an individual’s stress response to not only the development and  course of cancer, but also to their response to treatment as well.

The preliminary results of our NuCalm research study are indicating a definite impact on strengthening the parasympathetic  nervous system and down regulating stress physiology as evidenced by pre and post testing of patient Heart Rate Variability.  NuCalm naturally relaxes the body within minutes, which allows the old limbic area of the brain to experience a state of  perceived safety and comfort, which triggers a parasympathetic response and the chemical changes physiologically connected with it.  Our cognitive behavioral responses are important in the learned relaxation response. However, it is virtually impossible for the frontal cortex to convince the old limbic brain that it is safe to relax if there is a long-standing learned stress response that has  been programmed with a negative neuro-association. NuCalm provides the experience of deep relaxation coupled with emotional  safety that allows the learned stress response that I have seen clinically with cancer patients to be interrupted so that a new and  healthier response can be habituated. 

Neuronal coherence requires for the circuitry between the old brain and the frontal cortex to be aligned. NuCalm works on the neuronal pathways which link the circuitry between thoughts and primitive emotions that have been wired for survival responses.  NuCalm can create regular states of deep relaxation and comfort to attain the coherency in the brain necessary for regulating balance and homeostasis for health.” 

The bottom line is stress is an inevitable consequence of living in 2016. To achieve optimal health it is  imperative that you develop healthy sleeping patterns, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and manage stress.  We all understand the value of a good night’s sleep. We all know the difference between healthy food and  junk food. Exercise strategies are ubiquitous. Where we fall short in our efforts to live well and be healthy is  our stress management strategies. The interesting thing about developing a healthy, regular stress  management activity is that when you can effectively manage stress – sleep, diet, and exercise activities get  easier. Removing stress is addition by subtraction. Make 2016 the year you learn how to manage stress.

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