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Dr. Sean Nelson

NuCalm Dentist Dr. Sean Nelson strives to achieve optimal dentistry for his patients. He believes that his friends and neighbors deserve world-class dentistry from their hometown dentist in Austin, so he works hard to stay current with the latest developments in dentistry. This includes Nucalm, a drug-free approach to relaxation dentistry.

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Dr. Sean Nelson

Dr. Nelson was raised in Austin, MN. And he feels like he was raised on dentistry, too, since his father practiced dentistry in Austin since Sean was a child. He was drawn to his father’s profession both by his desire to serve others and by his affinity for art and science. Dr. Nelson received his dental degree from the University of Minnesota, and began practicing dentistry in 1999 with his father. He learned many lessons from his father, the kind that only experience can teach, and he constantly sought to grow his skills and his practice. Then, in 2008, he discovered his true passion in dentistry: complex restorative dentistry.

To improve his skills at restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Nelson sought training at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). At LVI, he achieved the esteemed rank of Fellow and renewed his commitment to providing the best dentistry. That includes providing patients with the best results and the best experience. NuCalm is fundamental to this commitment.

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The Need for NuCalm in Austin, MN

Overall, Minnesota is better than the country as a whole, since about 75% of people see their dentist every year. However, even in this optimal setup, many people still balk when it comes to getting complex restorative dentistry. Modern dentistry has improved dramatically, and causes much less discomfort than in the past. Now dentistry is relatively quick and painless.

But that doesn’t mean our mental image of dentistry has kept up with the times. Many people worry that dental procedures will be as painful as they’ve been represented in the past. This, ironically, actually causes discomfort and makes it hard for people to have a quality procedure. It’s especially hard for tense patients to sit still through longer restorative dentistry treatments.

NuCalm helps people overcome their anxiety to achieve a relaxed state

Why NuCalm Is Perfect for Austin, MN

Austin is a traditional Minnesota small town. Life here harkens back to a simpler time in America, before our culture became so reliant on drugs for so many ailments or even just everyday situations. NuCalm is perfect for that.

Although NuCalm is built on advanced neuroscience, the goal is to achieve an optimal state of relaxation using the body’s natural relaxation mechanisms, not drugs. It also helps to counter many of the modern stresses and pressures of contemporary life. It helps people live life at a comfortable pace–whatever pace they choose.

NuCalm also helps improve healing because drugs can interfere with the body’s natural healing mechanisms. With NuCalm, the body’s immune and healing responses are tuned to help them work faster and more efficiently. Your body starts repair right away, and you get well faster.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of NuCalm, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Sean Nelson.