It seems the buzz word of the last few years is “self care.” However, figuring out what self care means for you can be difficult, especially when it would appear that everyone around you has their own definition of it.

With social media riddled with friends and acquaintances practicing self care techniques like going on a long vacation, getting a manicure or treating themselves to a long nap, you might think to yourself, “I just don’t have the time to practice self care.”

Work requires long hours, chores need to be done, and your family has demands that need to be met, too. Oftentimes, we feel lucky to be able to enjoy an extra 30 minutes of sleep, let alone taking a week off work. And, if you do find yourself taking that week off work, it’s not uncommon for those feelings of relaxation to quickly disappear once you return home.

NuCalm, on the other hand, provides lasting results without demanding you shift around your busy schedule.

Self Care on Your Schedule

NuCalm and Self Care

It’s a vicious cycle: you’re stressed, so you have a hard time putting your mind at ease to fall asleep. Then, you’re exhausted at work because you aren’t well rested. Because you’re falling asleep at your desk, you’re struggling to stay motivated and you’re not as productive as work as you know you could be. Finally, once you return home, you find yourself stressed because you didn’t get as much work done as you should.

Simply thinking about that cycle is enough to instill panic in anyone.

Now, imagine the opposite. You wake up well rested. Your body feels relaxed upon waking; no pains or aches, yet you’re motivated to being the day, and you feel inspired to complete a project you’ve been working on. You’re focused at work, and the day flies by. You return home, your mind at ease, satisfied after such a successful day.

Such a day doesn’t have to be a fantasy. With NuCalm, it can be your reality.

One of NuCalm’s greatest strengths is its stress-wicking features. After a long, unproductive and exhausting day, you likely feel restless yet burned out, frustrated yet too tired to think clearly. NuCalm is designed to release stress, allowing users to feel at peace and worry-free. Daily life is more stressful than ever, and though society has evolved, our bodies still feel the anxiety created by an always-on fight or flight response. As much as we try, we cannot ease that fight or flight response unless we regulate our autonomic nervous system balance; something that the NuCalm system does.

If lack of sleep rather than pure stress is the root of your daily anxieties and restlessness, the NuCalm system can bring you rest, too, and without the intensity and uncertainty that comes with certain sleep aids. Just 45 minutes with the NuCalm system can be equivalent to up to five hours of deep sleep; the time savings are unbeatable.

Practice Self Care, Save Your Schedule

If you feel you’ve fallen into a rut of stress at work leading to stress at home leading to a sleepless night, NuCalm can relieve and release your fight or flight response and give you an unbelievably deep sleep experience.

NuCalm was specifically developed for the most high-stress populations, including those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders and addiction diseases; imagine what it can do for you.