It used to be that napping on the job was one of the worst possible offenses. Nothing would get you fired faster than dozing off at your desk. And while a famous Seinfeld episode was built around George realizing the dream of a napping space at work, most people saw this as an impossible fantasy. Until a few years ago, that is, when some high-end companies began to introduce napping at the office as not just tolerated, but encouraged.

While there are some definite benefits of napping at work, there are also some significant limits to what you can accomplish with this approach. Instead, many people would get more benefit from using NuCalm at work. So if your office has a napping space, maybe you should propose NuCalm for people to use in addition.

Middle aged man relaxing at the office listening to NuCalm. This device has offered him relaxation and relief.

Benefits of Napping at Work

Why have employers embraced napping? They have realized that napping helps employees to be better workers through the day. That’s because napping:

  • Improves alertness
  • Increases creativity
  • Maintains productivity
  • Reduces stress

Alert workers make fewer mistakes and are better able to respond to situations as they arise. In a NASA study, napping improved pilot performance by 34% and alertness by 100%! Creativity is one of the most important things people bring to a job. It’s what allows us to solve difficult problems and create new ideas of value. Napping improves creativity as well as alertness.

Over the day, we tend to get worn out. We might start with a lot of energy and we are perceptive, but over time, we tend to lose your ability to make good judgments. This can also cause us to slow down in our work. But napping restores our ability to make good judgments and stay productive. And while many people might lean on an afternoon cuppa for that, napping is better than caffeine.

Napping also has the ability to relieve stress and put us in a better mood, which can improve the effectiveness of teams at the office.

Certainly, it seems with all these benefits, it’s a wonder that we haven’t started napping at the office sooner!

Why NuCalm Can Be Better Than a Nap

But with all the benefits of napping at the office, NuCalm can be a better way to spend the time at work. That’s because NuCalm offers the same benefits as basic napping, but in addition, it:

  • Can initiate immediately
  • Shuts off on time
  • Is more efficient

How many times have you had the experience of trying to take a nap and instead spend your entire time trying to get to sleep. If you’re resting during that time, it will offer some benefits, but not the same as getting a nap. But other times, you might find that trying to nap doesn’t let you escape from the stress and worries of your day–you might spend the entire time ruminating on your stressors. But NuCalm uses a neuroscientific process to walk your body through the steps to relaxation. Within five minutes, you can enter your relaxed state. It can essentially switch off stress.

Another problem with napping is when you end up sleeping much longer than you meant. You might set an alarm, but we’ve all slept through an alarm in our life, right? But with NuCalm, you can set your relaxation period, and it will turn off when that time’s up, restoring you to alertness so you can get back to work.

Finally, NuCalm is more efficient than simple sleep for things like improving creativity and reducing stress. With just 20 minutes of NuCalm, you can get the benefit of two hours worth of sleep!

A Better Workplace Solution

If you are looking to improve the performance, creativity, and mood around your office, napping could definitely help. But if you want a more effective solution, NuCalm is a better approach. Give it a try and you’ll see.