A 45 minute treatment of NuCalm may be equivalent to 2-5 hours of restorative sleep.

NuCalm- The All Natural Sleep Supplement

Autonomic Nervous System

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The autonomic nervous system (ANS) has two branches – the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and the parasympathetic (“rest and digest”). It’s vital to your health that the autonomic nervous system is in balance with equal durations spent in each state. Sleep is an easy opportunity to spend time in the parasympathetic state. You have maximum parasympathetic activity during deep slow-wave sleep. In this state, your heart rate and breathing slow, your blood vessels relax and blood pressure decreases; digestion and restoration occur. Without proper sleep, your ANS will be imbalanced and skewed towards the sympathetic branch. ANS imbalance can lead to chronic stress, adrenal dysfunction, cardiovascular problems, further sleep disorders, and faster aging. NuCalm balances your ANS during a session, giving you the opportunity to linger in parasympathetic dominance and preparing you for better quality sleep to further balance your ANS.

Improved Sleep Quality

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The NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc grooms the brain’s GABAergic system for better sleep performance. The GABAergic system is responsible for slowing down or inhibiting neuron activity. You can think of it as the body’s relaxation system. GABA (GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID) is the predominant inhibitory neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, in the brain. It works in combination with serotonin and melatonin to transition the brain and body from an aroused state to a relaxed state, readying the body for sleep. The NuCalm Disc provides the body with a pure biosignal of GABA, in the form of electromagnetic frequencies, which gets transmitted to the pericardium of the heart to activate GABA receptors in the local nerve fibers that then relay the message to the brain. NuCalm thus primes the GABAergic system to slow down internal systems and prepare the body for sleep. Research proves restorative sleep is essential to consolidating muscle memory into the sensory-motor strip. Without restorative sleep, any new muscle movement you practiced that day will not be integrated into muscle memory. Research at Harvard Medical School shows a 45-minute treatment of NuCalm may give you the benefits equivalent to 2-5 hours of deep restorative sleep.


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Dream Big! The NuCalm tech allows you to linger in that theta-alpha brainwave range (4-12Hz) where dreaming occurs. The NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc does an amazing job of cleansing the GABAergic system and grooming the body for enhanced sleep quality. The alpha-theta crossover state induced by NuCalm is likely to cause lucid imagery or biographical memories, and most regular users of NuCalm report an increase in dream activity and dream intensity. Additionally, the theta brainwave threshold is the optimal range for creativity, visualization and mind programming. Some NuCalm users are often left inspired after spending time in this state of transcendence.

Restoring Rhythms

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Reset your internal clock with NuCalm. Your body’s circadian rhythms can easily be thrown out of whack from travel across time zones, environmental changes in light/dark cycles, or an inconsistent sleep schedule. An imbalanced internal clock affects your body’s hormonal levels which can leave you feeling exhausted during the day or unable to sleep at night, as well as negatively interfere with your mood. NuCalm has the potential to beat this problem because it restores balance to all of your physiological systems and rhythms. Get your sleep back on track by getting to the source of the problem!

Restoring Hormones

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The hypothalamus is the brain’s hormonal control center, responsible for maintaining an internal balance within the body. If this structure is not functioning properly, irregular hormonal levels may affect physical health and mental wellbeing. NuCalm has to potential to directly tap into this system and restore hormonal balance. NuCalm upregulates the GABAergic or inhibitory system of the brain which helps reset the optimal function of the hypothalamus. Furthermore, the theta and/or alpha brainwaves created by NuCalm are associated with the production of catecholamines and serotonin hormones respectively. Regain hormonal balance without drugs or side effects to help improve your sleep quality and general wellbeing!

NuCalm Sleep Protocol

Suggested 8 Week Protocol

This sleep protocol has helped NuCalm users improve sleep quality and/or get off of sleeping pills

NuCalm Duration:30 minutes minimum; ideally – to natural endpoint
NuCalm Frequency:Five (5) times per week minimum; ideally – daily
NuCalm Time of Day:Any time 5am – 7pm; ideally – early, mid or late afternoon
Optional Night NuCalm:Put on NuCalm at bedtime to help guide your brain in the direction of sleep

* NuCalm can be used either at bedtime or when you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep. Set a timer for the music if you don’t want it to run all night. Earbuds may be more comfortable for night sessions, as opposed to over-ear headphones.


Dangers of Sleeping Pills

NuCalm offers a drug-free, and side-effect-free alternative to
sleeping pills, while also potentially helping solve the root issue
behind disrupted sleep.

NuCalm offers a drug-free, and side-effect-free alternative to sleeping pills, while also potentially helping solve the root issue behind disrupted sleep.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) roughly 4% of Americans – over 10 million people – use prescribed sleep medication, not even including those that use over-the-counter sleep aids. While people using sleeping pills only on occasion are only at risk of minor side effects, if any, many, often unknown dangers arise when these medications are used for prolonged periods of time.

Listed short term side effects of prescribed sleeping pills include dizziness, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, prolonged drowsiness, allergic reactions, and memory problems. However, long term effects not only include the latter, but research suggests that they may also include greater risks of developing cancer, mood disorders, and upper-respiratory-tract infections. Furthermore, sleeping pills are highly addictive and prolonged use may develop into a substance use disorder. These sorts of medication should be taken sparingly and with caution.

Even if some individuals use sleeping pills responsibly, their sedative or hypnotic effects are still only a temporary fix and do not solve the root cause of insomnia or other sleep disorders an individual suffers from. They are bandaids being used to help treat a much bigger problem. NuCalm offers a drug-free, and side-effect-free alternative to sleeping pills, while also potentially helping solve the root issue behind disrupted sleep.

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Consequences For Poor Sleep

By improving your sleep quality, NuCalm may help prevent the
development of numerous consequences of poor or lack of sleep.
Learn more about what a bad night’s rest is doing to your mind
and body…

By improving your sleep quality, NuCalm may help prevent the development of numerous consequences of poor or lack of sleep. Learn more about what a bad night’s rest is doing to your mind and body…

Sleep plays a vital role in physical and mental development throughout your life. During sleep, your body gets the opportunity to rest and recover, while your mind is actively at work rewiring itself. The consequences of poor sleep are abundant and severe. Below are some of many…

Accelerated aging:
Poor or lack of sleep causes cells to die and cognition to decline at a faster rate, as well as increases the risk of age-related disorders.

Weakened immunity:
Sleep deprivation decreases the number of infection-fighting antibodies or cells within your body, leaving your immune system more susceptible and vulnerable to disease.

Neurological degeneration:
During sleep, your brain’s glymphatic system (“janitorial system”) is actively clearing away metabolic waste from the interneuronal space to make room for new neuronal connections. Without sleep, the glymphatic system does not function properly, leading to a buildup of toxic proteins that may cause Alzheimer’s disease or other related neurodegenerative disorders.

Cognitive decline:
Deep restorative sleep is vital for the consolidation of long term memory. Pathological changes to the hippocampus, the brain structure needed for memory formation and consolidation, may occur if consistent deep, slow-wave sleep is not achieved.

Worsened recovery:
When you sleep your body creates cytokines, proteins that target infection and inflammation and are essential in the recovery process. Without sleep, you’re not giving your body the chance to heal from injury or disease.

Cardiovascular disease:
Your heart’s health and function worsen without proper sleep, thereby putting you at risk for cardiovascular disease and related disorders. Blood pressure and heart rate decrease during sleep, giving the heart a chance for relaxation and restoration, but without this, the heart is overworked.

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