NuCalm Track Descriptions
and Best Practices

Tips For Success

NuCalm is a personal and unique experience, not only for you versus someone else, but also within your own NuCalm sessions. As you use NuCalm more frequently, you will figure out what works best for you – including session length, time of day, track selection, etc. Experiment with the NuCalm software tracks to figure out what works best for you.

With the exception of the 20-min Power Nap, the length of the NuCalm track is irrelevant. For minimum restorative benefits, we recommend a 20 minute session. Your NuCalm session can last as long as you want it to or need it to be.

For maximum restorative benefits, you can go to your natural endpoint – when you become aware of your surroundings and feel ready to get up. This means you have achieved autonomic nervous system balance. The natural endpoint is directly related to your current emotional and physiological health – the greater the imbalance, the longer the session. With regular use, your natural session length will decrease, due to consistent rebalancing.

To learn more about how NuCalm balances the autonomic nervous system, please visit our Science page.


Relax I & II

Use these tracks when you want to feel relaxed, yet focused and energized. These are ideal for general stress relief and relaxation. Deep theta brainwave length recovery.

Beneath the music, the neuroscience guides your mind and body to an optimal state for relaxation and recovery.

Recovery I, II & III

Use these tracks when you want maximum recovery and restoration. Deep theta brainwave length recovery.

These tracks incorporate the deep healing and recovery effects of the 528 Miracle Tone Solfeggio music scale.

Beneath the music, the neuroscience guides your mind and body to an optimal state for deep recovery.

NuCalm Power Nap I

This software track guides you to your “recovery zone” faster than the other tracks and guides you ‘back up’  in 20 minutes. If you have a limited amount of time for a NuCalm session, this software track will provide the greatest benefits. This is truly meant to be a power nap. To obtain the deep recovery benefits of NuCalm, use the other tracks.

NuCalm Power Nap II

This track, like the Power Nap, guides you down and brings you ‘back up’ in 20 minutes. However, it is deeper and more restorative than the Power Nap I. The vibrational harmonic tones throughout the track give you an experience like a “sound bath” and the ultimate mind massage. Your session will feel longer than 20 minutes and the outcome will leave you feeling deeply restored and grounded, yet focused and ready.

NuCalm 1.0 Relax Tracks (Spa, Piano, Guitar, Strings)

These are our original four tracks. These tracks oscillate you between alpha and theta brainwave length. The software underlying these, as well as the music overlay, is not as sophisticated as the newer Relax and Recovery tracks. The newer tracks keep you in the relaxation and recovery zone longer. While these legacy tracks are not as advanced as the newer tracks, they are still very effective.

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