As part of a nationwide awareness tour, James Poole, the CEO and president of Solace Lifesciences will be speaking at the XTech Expo 2016 on May 18. The panel is on new technologies that help promote physical and emotional wellbeing, and is entitled “Validated NeuroWellness: A New Frontier.”

Increasing Awareness of NuCalm

Solace-LifesciencesOne of the key purposes of the talk is to help people understand exactly what NuCalm is, how well it works, and what makes it such a desirable technology. As Mr. Poole notes, “95% of all diseases are catalyzed and/or exacerbated by stress.” The typical response in the medical community has been to try to respond with drugs, but these are not always effective and can have serious side effects, which themselves may be bad enough to require further treatment.

It’s important for people to understand that there is a drug-free alternative that is effective at battling stress and improving sleep. Ideally, Nucalm should be as well-accepted by doctors and the public as it has been by dentists.

A Diverse Panel

There are several people sharing the panel along with Mr. Poole. One is Chris Barka, CEO of Advanced Brain Monitoring. Advanced Brain monitoring makes wireless EEG machines and supporting software that allows for mobile recording of brainwave activity for research and personal enrichment. It also has a sleep division that helps people get better rest at night. Emotiv, represented by CMO Nuri Djavit, also makes wireless EEG technology.

Deepstream VR is the industry leader in virtual reality solutions for healthcare. Deepstream’s virtual reality represents an immersive escape that can actually help people combat chronic pain and other health problems.

A Unique Conference

The talk will be taking place at XTech, the Experiential Technology & Neurogaming Conference & Expo. The emphasis is on technology that directly influences the human experience. This includes technologies that utilize the latest advances in neuroscience to help augment human performance. By transforming a wide range of industries such as health, wellness, learning, and entertainment, these technologies have the potential to create dramatic new opportunities for growth in the world economy.

Experience NuCalm for Yourself

If you are looking to understand how NuCalm works, it’s as easy as contacting a local NuCalm dentist.